Old Spice Guy wants to be Luke Cage so bad he shot his own trailer

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Dec 14, 2012

See yourself as the perfect choice to star in Marvel's next big superhero flick? No one noticing? Why not make your own rip-roarin' trailer like Isaiah Mustafa did and let the testosterone chips fly? Remember—all publicity is good publicity.

In the ultimate fan-made video, a strange clip has emerged online disguised as a teaser for the promised Luke Cage/Power Man project to be directed by John Singleton. Tyrese Gibson has reportedly been attached to the film for the past year, but there have been no official announcements on final casting yet, so the lead prize is technically still up for grabs.

It's been no secret that the hunky Old Spice commercial actor has been campaigning hard for the movie, dressing up like Luke Cage for a photo shoot and strutting around comic conventions in his best Luke Cage muscle T-shirt, studded belt and sly grimace. Now he's created a short promo video that mimics a polished trailer. Give that man an "A" for ambition.

Luke Cage is a lesser-known but well-loved personality in the Marvel world, a charismatic street punk confined to Seagate Prison who undergoes an experimental procedure in exchange for parole. (Never volunteer for those trials!!) The tests are intended to provide immunity to all illness but accidentally have seriously abnormal side effects, granting him steel-hard skin, heavier, enhanced muscle and a real bad attitude.

There's some definite style and craft behind the short production, and Mustafa must have called in a few favors from industry friends. The result is a convincing performance that just might sway the casting fairy's magic wand in his favor. It may be a little late now if acting contracts are already signed, but it's a noble effort and Hollywood has been known to be fickle before.

Check it out and let us know if Mustafa is your Luke Cage or not ...

(via indiewire)