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Oliver goes legit, and the New Green Arrow finally unmasked in the latest Arrow

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Dec 4, 2018, 4:53 PM EST (Updated)

We’ve spent most of the season wondering who is under that new-look hood, running around Star City as the New Green Arrow. Turns out it’s a character who should be familiar to comic fans.

Spoilers ahead for “Unmasked,” the latest episode of Arrow, which aired Monday, December 3, 2018.

Though we followed Oliver’s attempts to reclaim his life, the reveal of the New Green Arrow stole an excellent story’s thunder. As some fans suspected, the New Green Arrow is actually Emiko Queen — a secret sister to Oliver. Emiko, a character first introduced in the comics, is the daughter of Robert Queen. We see her refer to Robert as “dad” while visiting his grave, noting she and Oliver really are a lot alike. In some nice nods back to Season 1, we’re also introduced to Emiko in some training montages that echo how we first met Oliver all those years ago.

Emiko Queen

Comparing comic to television, it’ll be interesting to see how they tell Emiko’s story. Thea played a similar role over the past several years, though Willa Holland looks to be done with the series, at least for now. From that regard, bringing in Emiko makes some sense, though we still don’t know exactly what she’s doing in Star City in the first place. Why resurface now? Who trained her? Where has she been all these years? Yeah, once “Elseworlds” settles down in a few weeks, there are still plenty of questions left to answer. 

With Oliver finally out of prison and settling into his life as a free man, we see pretty quickly just how much has changed since he last wore the hood. Oliver is back to being a minor-celebrity in Star City, but not as a playboy this time around. No, now he’s the city’s own home-grown superhero — finally living his dual lives out in the open. One of the big questions was exactly how Oliver would be able to suit up again with the city still under an anti-vigilante law. The writers opted to take things in an interesting direction, actually having Dinah tap Oliver as an official police asset, working alongside the SCPD to nab the shady baddie of the week.

Having Oliver hit the streets with no mask and no hood is a shocking look — but for a show trying to reinvent itself and stay relevant a full seven seasons in — it’s at least an interesting move. It also opens up a ton of ethical questions about the purpose and role of vigilantes in this society, and hopefully we’ll see those explored.

Assorted musings

Arrow Diggle Lyla

The future-set investigation into Felicity’s apparent death took a big step forward this week, as the team tracks down the mysterious Blackstar. Turns out she’s a young cage fighter who was working with Felicity, helping track down some bomb components for her. She’s hiding something, but hey, there has to be some mystery left to unravel. Future Dinah also reveals the story behind that mysterious “Mark of 4.” It’s something Oliver came up with, as sort of a mission statement, representing courage, compassion, selflessness and loyalty. That’s what Roy saw when William found the bow and arrow. 

Last but not least, it seems Rene is around in this future — and is apparently of some prominence in the Glades. Does he eventually become a politician and leader there? 

Hey, Max Fuller! Talk about a throwback to Season 1.

The Arrow Cave is back, though it seems no one bothered to pay the cleaning bill while Oliver was in prison. Nice to know its still standing, though.

Diaz might be behind bars, but that doesn’t mean his story is over. Now Diggle and Lyla are asking for his help to help solve their case, after a piece of intel leads back to the Longbow Hunters. Here’s hoping Diaz gets real interesting real fast, because his story is really starting to drag.

Meanwhile on Earth 90, we see all hell breaking loose and a gaggle of heroes dead and dying as a set-up for “Elseworlds.” Come for the OG Flash, it’s worth it.

Next week: “Elseworlds.” Don’t forget to set your DVR, the whole event actually kicks off on Sunday.