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Oliver heads deeper into the bowels of prison and everyone crosses lines in the latest Arrow

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Oct 29, 2018, 11:42 PM EDT

Oliver’s investigation into who is pulling the strings in prison to try and have him killed took a major step forward this week, while Felicity found some unlikely allies in the quest to take out Diaz.

Spoilers ahead for “Crossing Lines,” the latest episode of The CW’s Flash, which aired Monday, Oct. 29, 2018.

It’s no huge surprise that Oliver’s prison “friends” would betray him, but the interesting part came with exactly how he decided to react to it all. The episode opened with a cold open that showed Oliver stabbing a prison guard, though we didn’t learn the context until much later. It turns out the guards were corrupt, and Oliver made a point not to seriously injure anyone — and as expected — he had some decent reasons to mow through a few prison guards.

After hitting a brick wall with Brick, Oliver realizes the only real answers he’ll find is on the deeper level of the prison, reserved for the worst of the worst (apparently worse than the stone cold gallery of murderous rogues on the current level). Oliver wants a face to face meeting with the “Demon” behind it all. So Oliver gets himself transferred to the very ominous sounding Level 2 in an effort to track him down. 

We’ve seen Oliver go down slippery slopes before, but seeing him lay a beat down on these (admittedly corrupt) guards was something that will be hard to come back from. Especially if you consider Oliver might’ve had hopes to eventually get out on good behavior. Beating up and shanking some guards will almost certainly add a few more life sentences to the rap sheet. Again, it’s a theme we’ve seen before, but still an interesting narrative choice to have the shows hero shanking prison guards.

If nothing else, Oliver certainly wasn’t along when it came to taking things possibly a bit too far. Felicity enlists the help of the FBI to try and catch Diaz, and when that doesn’t work, she and Rene go rogue and secretly hold one of the Longbow Hunters prisoner to pump her for information. That decision got the resident FBI agent booted out, while they even kept the capture a secret from Dinah. Lyla is also taking matters into her own hands for an off the books investigation over at Argus, with Diggle briefly worrying she might be going too far outside the lines to try and stop a new shady scheme. Which, as she points out, is an interesting position coming from a guy who spent the past few years wearing a mask and fighting crime. Which, thankfully, Lyla points out. C’mon, Dig.

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Assorted musings

*It might be with Argus instead of Team Arrow, but it's always good to see Curtis get a chance to flaunt his super-geeky creations. Nanotech smart paint might be the silliest yet, but he sells that technobabble with gusto.

*Oliver in prison fight club was pretty great. As we see Oliver decide to go further and further, its a visceral reminder of exactly what he’s dealing with behind bars.

*The flash forward saga took a noticeable week off, and considering it’s been one of the most fascinating parts of the new season, it was definitely missed. After Season 5, they’ve always played things fast and loose with the flashbacks, but we’d expect the adventure of Future William and Old Man Roy to resume soon-ish.

*Diaz is still pretty pissed about being blasted off a building last season, and we learn a bit more about those consequences this week. He apparently suffered a whole lot of broken bones, and he’s gotten on some mysterious injections to heal his body. And more than that, he now has super-strength capable of busting chunks off a concrete wall. Eek.

Next week: Oliver heads to Level 2, while Felicity recruits Earth-2 Laurel to help her tap into her torture-y side with that captured Longbow Hunter.

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