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Oliver takes on Level 2 with Talia al Ghul, as Felicity and Laurel team-up in the latest Arrow

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Nov 12, 2018, 11:35 PM EST

We finally got a major break in the prison story with Oliver, and it seems like the instrument of Oliver’s eventual release (because you know he’s getting out at some point) might’ve just come into view. Oh, and Talia al Ghul is back?!

Spoilers ahead for “The Demon,” the latest episode of The CW’s Arrow, which aired Monday, Nov. 12, 2018.

Oliver’s journey into the mysterious, dangerous Level 2 of Slabside Prison didn’t last long, as he learns Talia al Ghul is the mysterious person who had worked with Diaz to set-up the assassination attempt on his life. The reason? Talia apparently needs that mysterious serum Diaz is using to stay alive, after being gravely wounded and left for dead last year. Having Talia pop up in prison was a well-kept secret, and helped tie some more Arrow history into the prison arc. It also gave Oliver a chance to once again work with Talia after being at odds for so long, as they team up to take out the nefarious Dr. Parker who has been experimenting on patients underground.

While Oliver and Talia work the case from the inside, Felicity and Laurel continue their burgeoning friendship to try and find a solution from the outside. They pull the strings to realize Parker is up to something shady, and use the information liberated by Oliver and Talia to shut down Level 2 once and for all. It’s also that mismanagement that could open the door for Oliver’s release, as Laurel points out. Which, being illegally tortured in prison is certainly a pretty clear way to have a conviction overturned. At least, one would think.

Oliver opts to stay in prison when Talia makes her escape, which looks to be the wise move, especially if Laurel can get him released on these technicalities. But, Talia is now officially in the wind and seemingly in service of Diaz, so look for her to pop back up down the line.

Assorted musings

Arrow Felicity Laurel

*Having Laurel, Felicity and Dinah team up this episode was a great use of the extended cast, and it’s exactly what they’ve needed to humanize Earth-2 Laurel along the way. Yes, the fact that she’s trying to live a good life in honor of Quentin is honorable, but we’re finally getting to see it in action here. 

*Diaz and the Silencer resurface all the way in Moscow. Who do we know in Moscow? That’s right, he’s travelled across the globe to exact revenge on Anatoli. He doesn’t kill him outright, and he seems to at least make it to next week, but things aren’t looking good for Oliver’s Russian frenemy.

*Gotham gets a shoutout! Talia says she ran afoul of an “old foe” in Gotham. Could that be… Batman? Batwoman? Hard to say, but regardless, it’s some subtle foundation work ahead of “Elseworlds” and the formal introduction of Batwoman.

*After retiring from Team Arrow, it seems Curtis has tried to put away his field for good. He’s called into service for Argus to bust an arms dealer, and confides in Diggle that he’s had some fear and anxiety about returning to action in the wake of Oliver’s arrest (as well as the negatives his time as Mr. Terrific caused in his own personal life). But, despite all that, Curtis overcomes his fears and takes out an arms dealer by episode’s end. So, this could be the early steps to getting him suited-up and back on the streets.

*The fights this week owed some subtle love to Daredevil, with more than a few hallway fights thrown in for good measure. Oliver and Talia take out what looks to be a respawn point of prison guards, showing off those League of Assassins moves.

*Don’t expect Dr. Parker to pop up again, as Talia uses her newfound freedom to track him down and (seemingly) murder him in cold blood. 

Next week: Anatoli is in big trouble, Laurel is trying to get Oliver out of jail, and the New Green Arrow swings back into action once again.

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