Oliver tries his hand at fatherhood in Arrow Season 6 sizzle reel

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Oct 10, 2017, 4:34 PM EDT

The CW’s Arrow returns this week, and we still know next to nothing about how the series will resolve that island-exploding cliffhanger from last season — which makes this sizzle reel for Season 6 all the more fascinating.

Much of the narrative seems to focus on Oliver as he tries his hand at being a father to his estranged son, while putting his work as the Green Arrow on the back burner. We also get a scene of Oliver at a press conference assuring the city he’s really not a masked vigilante (ahem), then more than a few shots of him being a masked vigilante. As far as the supporting cast is concerned, pretty much all we get to see is Slade Wilson’s return — and we already knew he’d be a recurring ally in the next arc.

The footage also shows off some Canary vs. Canary battles, so be sure to bring the earplugs. There’s still no word on who lives or dies in the wake of the island’s destruction last season, and it seems we’ll have to wait until the premiere on Wednesday night for those answers. However it plays out, it certainly seems like the granddaddy of the Arrowverse will once again be reinventing itself this year.

Arrow premieres Thursday night on The CW.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think:

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