OMG! Could this Baby T-rex be the greatest Halloween costume ever?

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Jun 26, 2015

With Halloween just around the corner, everybody's scrambling to come up with the coolest costume on the block. Well, if you want to get more candy than all your neighbors—this should do the trick. Say hello to a frighteningly real baby T-rex.

The terrifying new costume was developed by Wizart Studio, though the one-of-a-kind prototype weighs a bit more than 50 pounds. So you'll need a pretty strong kid to pull this one off.

The suit is made of durable rigid rubber, high-density foam, fiberglass and aluminum.

So that your kiddo can control where he's going, it also includes a leg hole underneath for steering.

Sadly, the prototype isn't for sale yet—so unless you're good at reverse engineering and can make your own in the next few weeks, you may have to wait until next Halloween to terrify the neighborhood.

Check out the prototype in action below and marvel at the next generation of Halloween geekery:

(Via CheezBurger)

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