OMG! 2,344 Breaking Dawn showings sold out 8 days before premiere

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Dec 15, 2012

Whether you're into the sparkly vampire thing or not, it's hard not to gawk at the level of dedication Twilight fans pour into their favorite franchise. We've still got eight days before Breaking Dawn—Part 1 debuts in American theaters, and the campouts, massive ticket sales and glitter-covered freakouts have already begun.

The flick's American premiere doesn't happen until Monday evening, but more than 700 fans were already camped out in front of L.A.'s Nokia Theater Thursday, waiting to claim the ideal vantage point to try to tug out a clump of RPattz's hair or put a hand to Taylor Lautner's abs. And these are people who won't even see the movie yet. All they want is to watch the stars walk by and wave.

But the battle to see the film as soon as possible has also already begun. By Thursday, had already sold out 1,344 opening-day screenings, and Fandango had sold out more than 1,000, accounting for almost 80 percent of their earnings for the week. Don't be surprised if those numbers go up, either, because sales this encouraging almost certainly mean theaters will only add more screenings to their lineups to accommodate the demand.

And yeah, we know, Twilight isn't exactly the most appealing thing to a big chunk of the nerd population, but these sparkly vampires are providing a major cash injection that Hollywood needs right now. Box-office numbers are low, so anything with a response this big is encouraging, if only because it could mean more sci-fi and fantasy films down the line, some of which we actually might want to line up for ourselves. So, yeah, mock the Twi-hards if you want, but don't mock their cash.

(via Deadline)

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