On a scale of 1-10, Fringe producer is HOW sure about renewal?

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:16 PM EST

While fans in both universes wait with bated breath to learn if Fox's Fringe will come back for a fifth season, at least one person in the know seems pretty confident about the odds for a renewal. How confident?

Fringe producer Joel Wyman has been tweeting up a storm lately, telling fans we should know something very soon about the series' fate.

When asked the odds on a scale of 1-10 about the decision, Wyman responded with a few tweets saying he fully believes critical and fan buzz can bring the series back from the brink one more time.

"Hahaha. um... 9.99. Good? Jeff and I have faith in Kevin Reilly and all our friends and supporters at Fox," he wrote. "We feel SO positive about a pick up because our fans make people listen. They make people take notice. Have loud voices and are heard. xo"

Wyman's comment fit with a previous rumor that the show could come back for a shortened, final season to make it more attractive for syndication. But with such iffy ratings, nothing is certain—and most major prognosticators still have the show listed as anywhere from a "tossup" to "likely to be canceled."

What do you think? Will we get a chance to explore that insanely awesome future Fringe world we got a glimpse of last week?

(via Spoiler TV)