Once again, a fan creates a better teaser for Doctor Who Season 8 than the BBC

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May 27, 2014, 12:44 PM EDT (Updated)

Now here, friends, is how you tease a new season of Doctor Who

We've all seen the teaser for Capaldi's first season on Doctor Who, yes? It was pretty good, kind of menacing, vaguely intriguing, if you will. But what this fan did without any actual actors to work with is astonishing and, we think, a more exciting tease by every metric. Check it out.

If this style of fan creation feels familiar, that's because it was put together by the same person who made both that awesome Weeping Angels short and the fake Doctor Who 50th trailer that had almost everyone fooled. All three are just incredibly strong work.

And now we can't help but think there ought to be a Doctor Who episode called "Rain."

(via Doctor Who TV)

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