Once upon a time, there was a female Michael Myers mask. Ready to be terrified?

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:17 AM EDT (Updated)

Most people know the story of Michael Myers' mask in John Carpenter's seminal 1978 slasher flick, Halloween.

For those who don't, a quick recap. Halloween had a small budget (around $300,000), so production and art designer Tommy Lee Wallace couldn't afford to have a Michael Myers mask custom-designed for the film. Instead, he picked up a Captain Kirk/William Shatner mask, made by Don Post Studios, for under $2 and painted it bluish-white, removing all trace of humanity from the mask.

Here is where things get creepy. For some unknown reason, in 2001, Don Post Studios decided to make a female Michael Myers mask, complete with long hair, pink lipstick, and blue eyeshadow (which any woman would agree is a terrible look outside of the 1960s). Was someone planning a bride for Michael Myers? Did they think that girls didn't want to dress up like Michael Myers because they wanted to look more feminine? This mask raises more questions than answers. Officially called the She Mask, fans who knew of the mask called it the Michelle Myers mask. Unsurprisingly, this weird mask mashup did not sell well, and was quickly pulled from the market.

A weird story gets a weird epilogue. In 2007, the She Mask appeared in a different horror film, called The Poughkeepsie Tapes, a faux documentary about a serial killer and his snuff films. In the movie, the killer hides his identity with the She Mask. Originally scheduled to hit theaters in 2008, The Poughkeepsie Tapes never got a theatrical release. It got a one-month video-on-demand release in 2014, but was pulled after rumors of a bigger theatrical release that ultimately never happened. It was finally released by Scream Factory earlier this month.

The She Mask is an extremely rare find for any horror movie collector. One currently for sale on eBay is going for $350. And now, for your nightmarish pleasure ... the She Mask.


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