Once Upon a Time creators promise 'magic has a price' in S2

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Dec 17, 2012

On the first season of ABC's hit fairy-tale series, Once Upon a Time, the Queen's evil curse was broken in the finale and the characters in Storybrooke remembered who they really were. However, just when it looked like a fairy-tale happy ending was possible, an ominous cloud rolled through the town ...

... and let's just say when season two premieres on Sunday, things are never going to be the same, said creators and executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz in an exclusive interview with Blastr.

As for that ominous purple cloud, "how do you know that it's not going to roll in and turn everything to marshmallows?" asked Kitsis with a laugh.

"I think one of the themes that's emerging is, will your past get in the way of your future? And I think that kind of sums up both Storybrooke and Fairy Tale Land," he said.

"We're trying to take the show and move it forward into some new areas while also trying to stay true to the spirit of what we did the first season," said Horowitz.

"One thing that we can definitely guarantee is that magic is coming to Storybrooke. I think that it is really going to help us open up the world of Storybrooke much more," said Kitsis.

And since magic will be invading the real world, there will be a lot to explore. "So, for example, last season we talked about how magic has a price. This time we're going to see, is that price different in our world? What does it mean to have magic in our world?" said Horowitz.

This new twist allows the writers to dive deeper into the characters we already know from season one, said Kitsis. "Emma has looked for her parents her whole life, and in order to save Henry's life, she ended up believing, but that also now means not only does she have to believe in the curse, she has to believe in the realization that Snow White and David are her parents. What do you do when you meet your parents and they're your age?" And what do you do after you've had to fight a dragon to save your son, as Emma did in the finale?

"With the introduction of magic, that changes the playing field somewhat. But now these characters have a lot to deal with that isn't just magical but has to do with the fact that with their memories returned. They're dealing with who they once were. And then they're also dealing with 28 years of a cursed life that they also led that actually happened. And it's reconciling all those things that we feel like will create a lot of the drama that we'll explore," said Horowitz.

This season we'll meet a lot of new characters, including Captain Hook, Sleeping Beauty, Sir Lancelot and Mulan. "And we're really excited to introduce them. There are a lot of them you'll see really early in season two," said Horowitz.

Here's a look at season two:

Once Upon a Time premieres on Sunday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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