One controversial piece of Star Wars canon that won’t be in The Force Awakens

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Nov 20, 2019, 6:51 PM EST (Updated)

Director J.J. Abrams is doing his best to evoke the awesomeness of the original Star Wars trilogy, and it seems he’ll be ignoring one of the most divisive pieces of canon from the prequel films to do it.

MTV caught up with Abrams to fire some yes-or-no questions at him about the new Star Wars sequel The Force Awakens. Some of them are silly and wacky, but a biggie also slipped into the mix. The interviewer asked point blank if the new film would reference midi-chlorians at all. You know, the thing most fans hate from the prequels? We’ll go ahead and quote Abrams' answer below for maximum effect:


If you’re unfamiliar, midi-chlorians were established in the prequel films as a way to, basically, over-explain The Force. It turned The Force into something biological, instead of something spiritual, which went against the spirit of the original films. Most fans hated it, and felt it was unnecessary — it also threw a boring, pseudo-science explanation onto something that really worked better as a more mystical force (no pun intended). Not everything needs to be explained.

So, good move, J.J. — let’s leave the midi-chlorians to the prequels. Then let's completely forget the prequels exist. Moving on.

Check out the video interview below and let us know what you think:


(Via MTV)