The one dormant film Guillermo del Toro wants to make no matter what

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Oct 17, 2013

There's at least one potential future project that Guillermo del Toro seems eager to make even if it's the worst filmmaking experience of his life.

The Pacific Rim and Pan's Labyrinth director has become somewhat infamous among fans in recent years for taking on a seemingly impossible load of future projects, including everything from an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness to a Haunted Mansion film for Disney. He's got one of the most active imaginations in Hollywood, and that, coupled with his seemingly boundless fanboy enthusiasm, means that he'll probably never get to make every single film he's attached himself to. There's one film in particular, though, that del Toro really, really wants to make one day, come hell or high water. But which one?

Apparently del Toro is itching to craft a new film adaptation of Roald Dahl's novel The Witches, and he's already got a script that he says he spent two years working on. The problem: Whether The Witches ever gets made is in the hands of Warner Bros. 

"The Witches is at Warner Bros., and every time I can, I bring it up," del Toro said. "Every time they say that they’re interested and then nothing happens."

But del Toro said he does have one significant ally on his side when it comes to his adaptation: Dahl's widow, Felicity.

"I can tell you that [Felicity] Liccy Dahl read the screenplay and, when I went to see her at Gypsy House, she said, 'I honestly think it’s the best adaptation of Roald Dahl’s books ever.'"

For the moment, the fate of that apparently wonderful Witches screenplay is very uncertain, but del Toro is determined to make it, even if Warner Bros. puts him through hell.

"If anyone says to me, 'You have to shoot the movie in the most difficult circumstances as you can, but you’ll get to do it,' I would do it," del Toro said.

So, del Toro's put his cards on the table. Now it's Warner Bros.' turn. What do you think? Will he ever get to make The Witches?

(Via Slashfilm)

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