The one where our Killjoys find out things can always get worse

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Jul 9, 2016, 8:19 AM EDT

Spoiler Alert: Either you’ve already seen the most recent episode of Killjoys, or you’re here to find out what happened. If neither of those things is true, go watch the episode and come back. I can wait.


If you've been wondering how Dutch could have possibly been in D'avin's "memory" from Arkyn, here's a curious tidbit: Dutch's reflection in the mirror seems to have a mind of its own. Is Dutch seeing things because she's concerned or should she be concerned because she's seeing things?

We can ponder that later.

Saving Pawter and Alvis means they have to get into Oldtown and a trip to the RAC –– which gets interesting when Turin walks in to greet “Team Awesome Force”.  So, yeah, Turin survived and Level 6 is no longer in charge. I’m glad he's back; he’s such a wonderfully snarky a-hole.

With D’avin’s back on the team officially, our Killjoys have their warrant.

Y’know that wall around Oldtown? Johnny’s in love with it, because it’s high tech and electric. It’s also not above zapping anyone who’s not authorized and Pree, bless his former Warlord alias heart (I’m with D’avin on wanting to know more about this), is not authorized, and the entire team gets zapped.


Ain't that Officer Liam Jelco (Pascal Langdale) a peach? Yeahhhhhhh.

On to Oldtown, which looks a little different than last we saw it.


The fight works. Pree’s back behind the bar and Johnny’s ID’d one of the Blue Ward prisoners. Unfortunately, Buck Welnar (Tyler McMaster) would rather kill himself than go back to Westhole Prison and does just that.

Upon entering the prison, our trio encounters a seriously foul odor. D’avin says it smells like ass, but Johnny, ever the poet, describes it as taint. Specifically “decaying, moldy, tainty taint”.


All the cells are filled with mummified bodies thanks to a very nasty gas that the guards released during the prison break. A small amount of it took out 6 prisoners. Coincidentally, those six prisoners were the rest of the Blue Ward warrant targets except one –– Tarren Tighmon. Add the fact that Tighmon currently has an entire canister of the gas, and things look very bad.

At this point, finding Pawter is imperative. They find her in one of the tenements treating the wounded from the Company bombing and medical supplies have long run out. She also IDs the gas as a desiccant so powerful that the only way to survive it would be to “swallow a lake”. Not good.

We also learn that Officer Hills Oonan survived the bombing (Yay!)


Their next step is locating Alvis. He's safe, thankfully. He's also able to help with Tighmon because they were in the mines together. 

The terms? Tighmon wants safe passage for the miners and their families and he’s willing to give himself up along with the canister of gas. Well, he was. Jelco has been tracking our Killjoys and just used a drone to kill Tighmon in a hail of gunfire. 

Meanwhile, Hills gets Pawter into Spring Hill so she can contact her mother and get word to the Nine. Pawter’s not even sure the Nine will help, but Seyah Pawter Sims may still have some pull with a company guy like Jelco, so she has to try.

Speaking of Jelco, he’s not real happy that Dutch refuses to just give him the cannister (because she’s no dummy) and proceeds to broadcast all over Oldtown that anyone who brings him the gas cannister and Dutch (dead or alive) gets a shiny new home on Leith.



Our Killjoys need to get out of Oldtown and, coincidentally, tunnels lead under the wall and right into Jelco’s compound.

Looks like everyone’s on their way back to the Spring Hill Bio-Dome!

However, things like this never go as planned and Pawter and Hills’ meeting with Jelco ends with Hills dead and Pawter essentially a prisoner.

Did I mention Jelco was an a**hole?

We have another problem. Alvis is angry enough at The Company that he wants to wipe out their presence on Westerley, especially Jelco, so he sets out to gas the bio-dome. Johnny runs in and tells him that Pawter and Hills are there, so Alvis reverses the flow but ends up gassing himself.


Not. Good.

Remember how Pawter said someone would need to swallow a lake to counteract the gas? Lucky for Alvis, he's in the water treatment tunnels and D’avin runs in to give Alvis all the water he needs. Unfortunately, that means Alvis has to breathe the water in, essentially drowning.

I was honestly afraid we’d lose Alvis after we lost Hills, but thankfully they’re able to save him. Once they know he’s going to make it, Dutch cold cocks him BECAUSE HE TOTALLY DESERVES IT FOR SCARING ALL OF US.

Once our Killjoys return to Jelco with their warrant complete and a safely empty cannister, Jelco does that thing all villains do: He gloats and gives away what his real mission has been all along. Oldtown rebels attacked Qresh last season and made The Nine look weak. The wall and the treatment of the residents are a lesson to the rest of The Quad of just what happens when you mess with the Company.

Jelco plans to leave Oldtown without food, water, and medical supplies until they’re a signal to any and all rebels that defying the Company is just not worth the price.

Like I said before. A. Hole.

As for Pawter, she’s going to be a “guest of the Company” for the foreseeable future.

That news leads John Jacobis to plant one hell of a kiss on the lady doctor, to the surprise of both Dutch and D’avin because they haven't been PAYING ATTENTION. Those two have been making eyes at each other for a while now, duh.

Except, there was more to that kiss than just a kiss, no matter how passionate it may have been. He made sure to leave a small communication dot behind her ear, as well.

One last thing...

Turin has a little offsite chat with our Killjoys.  All is not well at the RAC. Level 6 is fully in charge and Turin’s having to watch everything he says and does. On top of that, the Red 17 based has been destroyed. 

His suggestion: A little quid pro quo until they can figure out what the hells is really going on.

I wonder how that’ll work out.