Fan spends 14 months building insanely detailed Iron Man armor

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Dec 17, 2012

We all wish we could own Tony Stark's iconic red and gold Iron Man armor, but we don't have Tony Stark's bank account to help make it happen. What one U.K. man did have, though, was Tony Stark's industrious spirit, and he used that to make this insanely detailed (and wearable) Iron Man replica, starting with nothing but cardboard.

Mark Pearson is a 44-year-old repairman by day who loves comic books. Fourteen months ago his handyman skills and his geek love collided when he bought a 12-foot cardboard cutout of Robert Downey Jr. in the Iron Man armor and used it to begin his own version of the suit, starting with just the helmet.

"I don't know why I did it," Pearson said. "I guess it was just a moment of madness. I decided on making the helmet, then I said to my partner—I'm going to make the full suit."

Pearson downloaded templates online to help him figure out the rest of the suit and used 400 sheets of cardboard to construct a 3D model of the armor. The cardboard was then overlaid with fiberglass pieces to make it sturdy and wearable, and the result is something very close to the real thing. Pearson even managed to make the eyes and the repulsors light up.

Sadly, Pearson will never get to wear his own creation. He designed it for someone taller and slimmer than himself, so to see the suit in action he recruited Darren Higgins, a 24-year-old supermarket manager, to don the armor and wave to moviegoers outside a local theater screening The Avengers.

The suit doesn't fly, and the arc reactor won't actually keep shrapnel away from your heart, but other than that it's an incredibly convincing piece of work.

"I'm not sure why I picked Iron Man," Pearson said. "I'm a big fan and I think I like the fact that he is not really a superhero, he is just a man with a flying suit. But what a suit—it's the Ferrari of superhero suits."

Check out the photos of Higgins posing in the suit with its creator:

(Via Oddity Central)

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