Oops! Infinity War's Mark Ruffalo is even worse than Tom Holland at spoilers, hinted at movie's ending in 2017

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Nov 11, 2019, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

The MCU is notoriously secretive about its scripts, stories, and especially spoilers — so much so that its actors are trained to spill exactly zero beans in interviews. The main culprit so far, who’s had more precautions taken upon him than anyone else, is Spider-Man actor Tom Holland. He’s a loose cannon and a joker, so he’s always being reined in by his co-stars. However, as a resurfaced video reveals, the true danger to the Marvel secrecy machine is Bruce Banner’s Mark Ruffalo.

Aside from leaving his phone on during the first half-hour of Thor: Ragnarok (which prompted Disney employees to chase him down and chastise him — during the movie), Ruffalo has been revealed to be a bit loose-lipped when it comes to the biggest spoiler of Infinity War.

SPOILER WARNING: Infinity War plot details below.

Almost a year ago, the actor and his co-star Don Cheadle, who plays War Machine, did an interview with Good Morning America during which Ruffalo lets slip that half the Avengers will be totally dusted by Thanos.

Watch as Don Cheadle almost murders a man on camera:

Come on Mark, you had a whole year to go of holding that secret in! “Wait until you see this next one, half — everybody dies,” Ruffalo says, trying to recover his spill as a hyperbolic joke. Cheadle’s “Dude! Dude! Dude!” and wide-eyed face are far too good clues to the truth behind the statement, however, as Ruffalo continues to shamefacedly ramble on and try to make it seem like he’s just teasing.

We know now, Mark. We know how close you were to being taken out by the Marvel security forces watching your every move. “Am I in trouble?” Mark asks. “Is Barry going to be mad at me?” This might be referring to Barry Curtis, credited as Marvel security on a slew of MCU projects. Yeah, probably, answers Cheadle, who advises his co-star to just move on and count his blessings that maybe it’ll be taken as a joke. And look, it was.

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