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Jul 3, 2008

It'll take a few days for the Canadian accent to fade away... anyway, here are some short things to be aware of.

1) The new Carnival of Space is up at The Bat Page. It's a good roundup, with a veritable explosion of Tunguska posts. Ha ha.

2) There is a gravity simulator just put online called Universe Sandbox that some people are raving about. Sadly, it's Windows only, so I can't use it on my Mac (and no, I won't install Parallels or Boot Camp or anything like them; there's a reason I bought a Mac, folks). Still it looks cool.

3) A while back, Chris Comer, who worked for the Texas Education Agency, was fired for sending out an email about an upcoming talk about the failings of creationism and ID from Barbara Forrest. She's decided to sue TEA for firing her without due process. For icing, the lawsuit also claims -- quite correctly -- that TEA being neutral on creationism is unconstitutional. Yay!

4) Last week, I wrote about hero Robert Lancaster's run-in with the evil Sylvia Browne at one of her live shows. He has received some emails from other members of the audience, and one woman who was a supporter of Browne's has now seen the light after talking to Robert. Yay again!

5) Peter Jackson is making a movie about the Dambusters, allies in WWII who destroyed Axis dams. One key raid was done at full Moon when the water was especially high, to maximize infrastructure damage. To make sure Jackson got his facts straight, he hired an astronomer to calculate the position and appearance of the Moon on that date. Wow. That happens in movies like once every never. Good on ya, Hobbit Man! Tip o' the beret to BABloggee Damien for sending that news along.

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