Opening scene of Chronicle writer's aborted Fantastic 4 script actually looks fantastic

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Aug 10, 2015

Before Chronicle director Josh Trank put together his ultra-dark Fantastic Four origin story, his old screenwriter pal Max Landis was hashing out his own take on Marvel’s First Family. Judging by the opening scene, Landis’ version looks like a whole lot more fun.

Four years ago, Landis worked up a script treatment for a potential Fantastic Four film that sounds very different from the version Trank eventually made. With the whole world whipped into a Fantastic Four frenzy over the awfulness of the new movie, Landis dug out his old script and revealed the first four pages — which constitute a fairly entertaining opening scene.

The scene follows the gang all together as a SWAT team tries to stop them from launching a makeshift spaceship from the Richards family farm. We get some witty banter from the gang, and this version seems to have that magical element of “fun” that was desperately missing from the latest version. Say what you will about the mid-2000 abominations, but they at least tried to capture the pop-art, family vibe of the comics that's so desperately lacking in the new version.

Check out the four sample pages from Landis’ script below and let us know what you think. Should Fox maybe dig this adaptation back off the shelf for a re-reboot?

(Via The Playlist, Max Landis)

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