An Opinion Where Apes Evolved from Men?

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Apr 21, 2005

I do a lot of writing, and it can be hard sometimes to capture the essence of how I feel about science. It's such a grand adventure, full of learning, full of wonder, full of such amazing experiences. This is why it is so horribly upsetting to see people who clearly have no freaking clue about it, and would rather denigrate science from ignorance rather than once -- just once, for a fleeting moment -- take pause to understand what it is they so smugly reject.

It's a madhouse! A MADHOUSE!

In another critical thinking blog, called Pharyngula, scientist P Z Myers has written a beautiful bit of prose describing this very situation. He has captured the soul of scientific study, if you will, and then shocks the reader with a contrasting account of arrogant cluelessness. The writer Myers is slamming has a political message, and I don't want you to necessarily make any political surmising about me for linking to it. Willful ignorance, it so happens, has no political preference. And Myers is justified, hugely justified, in calling this guy to the carpet for such foolish opinions made in a vacuum. Read it and judge for yourself.

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