The opposite of progress

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Oct 27, 2007

Don't forget: we don't set the clocks back tonight (if you live in a timezone that goes from daylight savings time to standard time). In 2005, Congress extended daylight savings time, so we don't reset the clocks until next Sunday.

Your computer doesn't listen to Congress, so it may go kerflooey tonight. You can either bear it for a week or try to do something stupid like reset your kernel yourself or upgrade to OSX Leopard. Personally, I'll just let things be; in a week it'll all fix itself, and I have nothing better to do than sit here in my office at home and write. Clocks are for losers who have 9-5 jobs or have to pick up their daughters from school at a certain time.

Oh crap.

Well, OK, maybe I'll keep an eye on the clock for just this week. I'd rather not

sit in The Little Astronomer's school parking lot for an hour cursing myself have The Little Astronomer sitting at her school for an extra hour waiting for me.

Or Congress. I have no problems understanding that we live on a rotating ball. It's our divisions of it that confuse the heck outta me.

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