Optimus Prime is Eeyore?—and more!

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Dec 14, 2012

This week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments doesn't want to brag, but it's gonna have to do a bit of name-dropping: Optimus Prime, Superman, the entire DC hero universe, Jean-Luc Picard, Doctor Who and Stephen King.

Our story: 10 terrific voices behind great sci-fi characters

Your best comment: Optimus Prime is Eeyore??? Ow, cognitive disconnect..... — Jason

Our story: Gallery: 14 sci-fi shows and their spin-offs compared by number of episodes

Your best comment: Star Trek was arguably one of the best sci-fi t.v. shows to ever be put out there. It is evident from the fact that every spin-off from the original went multiple seasons which is something you don't often see in any series. Though we all know that the real success was because of the greatest thespian this world has ever known...Shatner. — Benjamin Fisher

Our story: 12 awesome behind-the-scenes pics from The Empire Strikes Back

Your best comment: Love the Boba Fett outfit, right down to the socks. Where can I get official Boba Fett socks? Are they Boba Feet? — Sithboy

Our story: Image of the Day: Starship Enterprise hidden in Battlestar finale

Your best comment: Well that explains what happened to Starbuck!!! She beamed out! She didn't just go Poof. She is alive and well with Kirk and the boyz! — 13th Clyon

Our story: Image of the Day: Why Superman hates Facebook

Your best comment: This would have been funnier if it was Blastr. — SamusMaXximus

Our story: 15 magical new images from Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Your best comment: I think that Minotaur actually looks really good. He looks like he could actually be real, which is probably why he looks fake. We are all used to digital rederings of these kinds of creatures. — FifeDog311

Our story: DC disses Marvel to explain why there'll never be a JLA movie

Your best comment: His statement is ridiculous. Both companies have universally recognizable characters that have stood on their own in both print. Marvel has done a very good job in recent years of bringing more of their characters into the forefront. His claim that their characters are getting the more personal treatment is just silly. — theApocalypse

Our story: The 7 worst comic-book resurrection stories EVER

Your best comment: The return of Aunt May was probably the worst thing about the 1998 Chapter One reboot of Spider-Man, but much like how they ditched everything about Chapter One, writers on the books have since made May into a much more interesting and believable character. Not only did she no longer faint and end up in the hospital every five panels, but at one point J.M.S. finally had her find out Peter is Spider-Man, and get this, she learned to deal with it like a normal human being would.

Too bad for OMD/BND though changing most of that, but at least we haven't gone back to Stan Lee's Aunt May. — lindyxmjh

Our story: Patrick Stewart on the abandoned 5th Next Gen film we never saw

Your best comment: If people remember correctly, "All good things" featured a very much alive Data with grey hair. It would be neat to see how that came to be as all things in the Trek universe are supposed to be continuous, with the exception of Trek '09 — Michael Shaw

Our story: Battlestar's ending was revealed in season 2 and we all missed it

Your best comment: I think the question that BSG raises is "what is human?" What is the threshold where something stops being a machine and becomes a living creature. We all see the humanoid Cylons (even the Final Five) as mere machines, but they're obviously more than that. We've been having test tube babies here on Earth for over 30 years now. Are they not human because (to some extent) they were engineered rather than conceived entirely naturally? Are people with artificial limbs no longer human? I actually had a lot of problems with Galactica's final season (particularly Starbuck and The Final Five scenarios, which seemed to stem from Moore and Co writing themselves into a corner). But all of the interesting philosophical issues of the show, including the central theme of man and machine, remained with the show right to the very end. — Melora

Our story: It's OFFICIAL: Doctor Who is now IMMORTAL

Your best comment: Again - we've long known that 12 regenerations are not an absolute limit. Time Lords have 12 'natural' regenerations but there are various ways that additional ones can be had. Theoretically barring accidental death or suicide, one could continue to regenerate.

That being said, it is disappointing that they are dealing with it in such an off-hand manner. — KC

Our story: Inception's Tom Hardy reteams with Christopher Nolan for Batman 3

Your best comment: Isn't a major precept behind Nolan's Batman trilogy is that it takes place in the "real world." I thought Nolan himself said he wasn't going to consider the "sci-fi" comicbook bad guys like Mr. Freeze or Clayface. They just couldn't exist in the real world.

My vote is for a dapper, but deadly, crime kingpin like Penguin. Give him a Napoleon complex (short, portly) and occassionally bad knees (waddles) and he'd fit perfectly within Nolan's guidelines. — chicagorob

Our story: Stephen King voted favorite U.S. author (Guess who tied for 9th?)

Your best comment: Stephenie Meyer not being on the list is a pleasing. *toothy grin* Maybe intelligence is winning out for once.

Though there are a large amount of classic authors that well deserve places above these cookie cutter wielding guys.

"A classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read." - Mark Twain — Fennec

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