Origin Stories: Khary Randolph

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Mar 5, 2018, 9:11 PM EST (Updated)

Eat your heart out, Michael Bay. Today on Origin Stories we bring you Khary Randolph--a triple threat comic book artist/ toy designer, and animator-- and we asked him about what first sparked his love of sci-fi and his interest in developing his abilities.

His answer: "Transformers: the Movie...the 1986 one. The good one."

Ouch! (But also, yes.) 



Randolph's work can be seen on books like Spider-Man, X-Men, and the Teen Titans, and he's the creator of the Inhuman Mosaic. (You can check him out talking about that creation process to us here.) 

But today we're all about the things that got Randolph going as a kid, and how being an introvert directly led to his career as an artist. "I kind of expressed myself through drawing," he explains. "When I'm working, I'm always thinking about when I was seven years old and the way that certain media affected me, and I'm always trying to take those emotions and put them into the work that I'm creating now." 

It's no surprise that Randolph still lists Optimus Prime as his favorite cartoon character. 

For more, watch below: 

Additional reporting by Alexis Sottile