Original 1981 Blade Runner storyboards show Scott's epic vision

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

A memorabilia collector and huge Ridley Scott fan has been kind enough to share his massive collection of Blade Runner gear, including a slew of storyboards crammed with concept art and notes. Want to see?

The pics come from the fan site Ridleyville, where a production supplier has built a massive treasure trove of Blade Runner goodies. The storyboards show off several designs for memorable scenes, featuring shooting notes and schedule dates.

From those cool flying cars to Tyrell tower, it's all here.

It's an intriguing peek into the making of arguably one of the best science fiction films ever and is well worth a look. We've pulled together six of the coolest below, but head over to Ridleyville for more—plus a ton of other Blade Runner goodies.

Here are a few choice picks ( click for larger):

(Via Dangerous Minds)