Original Evil Dead cast member coming back a few decades later for Ash vs. Evil Dead

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Jul 26, 2016, 12:24 PM EDT

The Starz series Ash vs. Evil Dead did some digging into the original Evil Dead film during its first season, and now it’s even bringing back one of the first film’s stars to cause some extra trouble for Ash.

IGN reports Ellen Sandweiss, who played Ash’s sister Cheryl in the original film, will be putting in an appearance in the new season. Executive producer Rob Tapert said the actress will make “a tiny little guest appearance” that “causes a little commotion." Star Bruce Campbell noted the nods to the original film are “like pork rinds to the fans.” Even better? He said the appearance will be “really accurate” to the film in a way that will “freak [fans] out.”

If you’ve seen the first Evil Dead film, you’re probably wondering: How, exactly, is Cheryl coming back? She famously did not survive the film, after being terrorized by the woods and eventually taking a shotgun blast to the face. She was last seen turning into a puddle of goo. So, yeah, they have some work to do in figuring all that out. Regardless, it should be fun.

The second season of Ash vs. Evil Dead premieres this October on Starz.

(Via IGN)