Original Hulk Lou Ferrigno is green again! ...for a Star Trek fan film

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:26 AM EDT (Updated)

If there were a prize for greatest stunt casting ever, then the high-concept fan series Star Trek Continues just took it.

The online fan series, which continues the adventures of the original Enterprise crew, has booked Lou Ferrigno to play an alien character in an upcoming episode. The truly awesome part: He’s playing a green alien, which will put the classic Hulk actor back in his color of choice for the first time in decades.

Ferrigno is sitting through a daily four-hour makeup procedure to play the evil Orion slave dealer Zaminhon in the web film project, which is shooting in southeast Georgia. The fan series has garnered acclaim for its high-quality effects work and writing, and the casting of Ferrigno will take it one more step forward into becoming a fan favorite.

Here’s what Ferrigno told the Florida Times-Union about his decision to don the green once again, albeit not in a “smash” kind of way:

“It’s been almost 20 years because I used the makeup of the Hulk in a commercial in Europe,” Ferrigno said. “Getting back into it was a bit of a shock, and this makeup process took a while. But the character was beautiful … The character, it makes sense. It is like a spin-off of the original series. He is a slave trade leader and leads that race, but it goes back to the original series, which has a huge fan base.”

Keep an eye out for the new episode once it eventually goes live at the show’s official site. Are you glad to see Ferrigno back in green? 

(Via Florida Times-Union)