Original Space Mountain vehicle, more hit rare Disneyland memorabilia auction

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Jul 30, 2018, 3:50 PM EDT

Few events let nerdy collectors flex their stuff quite like an auction. While costumes and movie prop auctions can garner high prices, they’re over relatively quickly. But when something as big-name and expansive as Disneyland comes up, the history and scope of the memorabilia can quickly become profound.

That’s what’s happening Aug. 25-26, after a month-long free-to-the-public exhibit from Disney obsessive Richard Kraft. Kraft’s mammoth collection will be on display and then auctioned off, selling off the nostalgic artwork and props that helped Disneyland sell its own version of the future.

In an interview with Yahoo, Kraft (an agent that worked with Disney composers) explained that the auction is very personal. “I also now have a 4-year-old daughter — I’m an old dad — she has special needs, and so part of the proceeds of the auction of all this [is] going to go for organizations that benefit kids like her,” Kraft said. The display will be in Sherman Oaks, California, starting on Aug. 1, and running through Aug. 24.

Some of the items making their way back into the public eye are those associated with Disney films -- like a Peter Pan pirate ship -- while some are simply reminders of the future Disneyland once predicted, like the Space Mountain and Tomorrowland vehicles.

Check out some of the retro-futurism that will be on display alongside bona fide Disney history: