Original Watchmen editor gets chance to fix flaw that made him quit

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Jan 30, 2013, 9:29 AM EST (Updated)

Watchmen is considered to be the ultimate masterpiece of the comics medium, but that doesn't mean it's without its flaws.

One of the book's original editors, Len Wein (who, along with Bernie Wrightson, was responsible for the original run of Swamp Thing), had infamously left the book over a disagreement he had with Alan Moore about the scheme Ozymandias perpetrates to bring about world peace.  The idea struck an all-too-familiar chord with Wein, because a very similar idea had already been executed in an episode of The Outer Limits called The Architects of Fear. Wein tried to talk with Alan Moore about it and see if they couldn't come up with a change.  How did it go?  We'll let Mr. Wein's words do the talking on this one.

I kept telling him, ‘Be more original, Alan, you’ve got the capability, do something different, not something that’s already been done!’ And he didn’t seem to care enough to do that.

Those are pretty strong words, so it's not very surprising that Len Wein walked off the book.  What is surprising, though, is that, through the Watchmen prequel, Before Watchmen, Wein seems to be going back and changing history a bit.  You see, as luck would have it (how lucky, indeed), Len Wein is the writer on the current Ozymandias book and has decided to take some artistic liberty in how our villain came up with the whole "fake alien invasion brings about world peace" idea.  After admitting that he lacks much in the way of originality, Ozy sets about looking for an idea of how to save the world.  To wit:

So you see, Ozy came up with the idea because he watched The Outer Limits, and he made it work because, obviously, he's smarter than all those fictional yahoos.  For Len Wein, this appears to be his way of finally putting the decades-old problem to bed.  

Is it actually better?  We'll leave it for you to decide.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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