Original Robocop, Total Recall villain says: "I hate remakes"

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Dec 17, 2012

With the arrival in August of the new version of Total Recall, and a remake of RoboCop also on the way as well, one actor who was in both classic movies is not too pleased that they're being rebooted.

Veteran actor Ronny Cox made a name for himself in the '70s and early '80s as a good guy in movies like Deliverance and Beverly Hills Cop, but turned to the dark side a few years later to play evildoers in two of the era's best-loved sci-fi films (both from director Paul Verhoeven).

Speaking this week to the Hollywood Reporter, Cox said, "Maybe I'm a little prejudiced about this, but I hate remakes. I think both of those films hold up pretty damn well. And I wish them well with them."

In 1987's RoboCop, Cox played the diabolical corporate chief Dick Jones, while in 1990's Total Recall, he played the ruthless Vilas Cohaagen, leader of the Mars Colony. Those roles were huge for Cox's career, so he can probably be forgiven if he feels some sense of ownership in them.

"That was the first time I got to play a bad guy," added Cox. "Because I'd spent all of that time playing that moral guy in roles and roles and roles for more than 10 years. As you know, in the film business, sometimes if you play that sensitive, moral character, sensitivity gets equated with weak, and so I never got to play these guys that had guts."

Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) will take over the Cohaagen role in the new Total Recall, while House star Hugh Laurie is set to play the corporate baddie in the RoboCop remake. Whether either man can live up to Cox's deliciously evil performances remains to be seen, but the actor concludes, "Straight up, it's more fun to play the bad guys a gazillion times than it is to play the good guys."

Do you feel the way that Cox does about these remakes? And can anyone outdo his twin blasts of malice from the original films?