Orphan Black creator promises an 'end to the mystery' is planned, eventually

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Oct 21, 2015, 8:12 PM EDT (Updated)

The team behind Orphan Black is getting everything prepped for the fourth season, and now they’ve opened up about what fans can expect when the BBC America sci-fi series returns. Turns out, they already have an endgame in place.

Series creator Graeme Manson and star Tatiana Maslany chatted about the show during the PaleyFest New York Panel, and Manson revealed they do have an ending in mind for the series as a whole — though they don’t plan on reaching it anytime soon. Plus, they’ve tried to leave things loose enough to fit in major twists when they fit (i.e. the male clone saga).

Check out an excerpt from Deadline’s report on Manson's comments:

“We’ve kind of always had an end point, like an end to the mystery,” but he implied that’s not something they’re planning on any time soon. The show will continue to evolve “as we see things develop in the writing that we push forward.” One example of that was the decision to make Ari Millen, whose character Mark Rollins was introduced in season 2, portray a different series of clones. “It’s nice when that kind of thing can happen,” says Manson, “when you pull from your cast to make a big twist.”

Maslany also touched on the show's popularity among the LGBT community, and the place it's taken with its feminist stance of strong female characters. Mostly the half-dozen or so played by Maslany:

“They enlighten that for me. I feel such a strong sense of a responsibility to the fans. I knew subconsciously we were talking about bodily autonomy, but it was reading essays from trans people and gay people that opened my eyes to how that was being talked about. What I like is the show isn’t preachy, it just is. We put women at the center, [and] they’re the default, but who cares. And that to me is so awesome and I hope for more of that.”

Orphan Black Season 4 is set to arrive in 2016.

What do you want to see from the series for the next go-round?

(Via Deadline)