Orphan Black fans respond to Emmy snub by crowdfunding their own award

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Feb 11, 2014, 9:19 AM EST

Tatiana Maslany is absolutely awesome in Orphan Black, and she deserves an award for it. If the Emmys won’t give her one, the fans will.

Maslany, who plays about a half-dozen different characters on the clone-tastic BBC America series, was snubbed for Emmy and Golden Globe awards despite the fact that she turned in what is hands-down one of the most riveting acting performances of the past year. Sure, she managed to score some nice nominations and smaller awards, but she got the cold shoulder from the big guns.

Luckily for Maslany, the fans are out to make things right. Hardcore Orphan Black fan Sara Evans has launched the Clone Club Award for Tatiana Maslany cause on Indiegogo to raise $2,000 for a hand-crafted statue that will be created by an artist and delivered to Maslany. As Evans put it: “When Tatiana Maslany was snubbed for an Emmy, I decided to take things into the fans' hands.”

BBC America took a gamble on a high concept with Orphan Black, and it paid off tenfold. There aren’t many actresses out there who could pull off this type of role, and Maslany was an absolute find. Considering that the series is riding a wave of hype now, you’d think season two will bring some new (and well-deserved) attention to Maslany. Here’s hoping she does better on the 2014 awards circuit. 

Until then, at least she could have this unique piece of kit on her mantle. The second season of Orphan Black is set to debut on April 19. Will you be watching?

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