Orphan Black S3 premiere to air on all AMC channels

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Feb 23, 2015, 11:42 AM EST (Updated)

 Have you wanted to see Orphan Black but don't have access to BBC America or BBC Three? That's a shame. It's a fantastic series about a woman who learns she's a clone, with multiple stellar performances by Tatiana Maslany. But now there's an option for viewers whose cable packages don't include BBC America: all of AMC's channels.

According to Variety, "The season three opener will run simultaneously at 10 p.m. across AMC, SundanceTV, IFC and We TV, in addition to BBC America."

Why AMC? Orphan Black is produced by BBC America, not the New York-based AMC. However, as of October 2014, AMC owns 49.9% of BBC Worldwide (the commercial branch of the BBC, a public channel); since then, AMC has managed BBC America as a standalone channel.

It's great news that AMC is interested in promoting Orphan Black beyond BBC America's Supernatural Saturday slot … and unsurprising. Actress Maslany has been nominated for (at least) 17 awards for her role as Sarah Manning, et al., and has won (at least) 11 (although she was cruelly snubbed for the Emmy Awards). She's a superstar who is shining brightly, and AMC is betting that she will charm even larger audiences. The news should come as a relief to non-BBC America viewers who have managed to watch Orphan Black by torrenting it, an ethically iffy maneuver.

Orphan Black will air April 15, 2015. 

Via Variety.