Orphan Black's "The Scandal of Altruism" leaves a mark on the Clone Club

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May 20, 2016

Spoilers to follow for Orphan Black Season 4, Episode 6 "The Scandal of Altruism"

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We're halfway through the season now, and you just know things are about to go sideways. We go back in time to check in with Beth and her mysterious undercover plan. Her card gets her in the door at a party with Susan Duncan and Evie Cho. They're discussing two recently dead test subjects with implants the patients tore out when Beth causes a distraction in order to make a waiter spill champagne on Susan. Once she's alone and cleaning up, she pulls the gun we've been waiting to see her use. "I know you," she says, "I know everything." Cut to Susan, certainly not dead (or, at least, I hope not) in bed with Ira and Susan. They start talking about the past, and he's quick to realize she's testing him for glitching. She says she'll never have to test him again if Sarah listens to reason. Don't count your chickens, lady.

Cosima is currently trying to convince Sarah that dealing with Susan is the best thing for all of them. Yes, Susan will be able to create new clones, but they will help them find a cure and Sarah will safely get the maggot-bot out. Cosima says she and Scott just aren't close enough on their own and there isn't any time left for her. Sarah decides she will convince Kendall but doesn't want to tell Mrs. S yet. She also wants to make sure they don't help the CASTOR clones because they'd be basically releasing their sterilization pathogen into the population. Cosima might have an idea on that.

Sarah meets Evie to hash out the exact plan and warns her the original will take an acid bath if she's not back outside in 20 minutes. Susan says it's strange to see an unfamiliar face. Sarah says, "Is that a joke?" She insists it's not. Sarah spots Ira, who insists he's nothing like his brothers. I'm so sure. Evie explains the maggot-bots do different things for different subjects: for Leekie, it was treating a genetic predisposition for Alzheimer's, but it's making Sarah sick.  Sarah mentions the CASTOR pathogen and tells them Cosima may have a solution by telling them Kendall has cancer.

Art hears Krystal at the police station talking about Dyad and Brightborn. He sees Duko coming and distracts him so he doesn't see her. Thankfully, he doesn't but Art introduces himself to find out what she's doing there. She tells him the story as she believes it but doesn't recognize the word LEDA when he asks.


We don't see Kendall being convinced of the plan, but it seems she has been as she breaks the news to Mrs. S. She makes sure to tell her it's too late for help. Cosima tries to explain that, because Kendall is a chimera, half CASTOR/half LEDA, they can isolate the genome they need with her white blood cells. Back at Brightborn, Susan is impressed, but Ira is all, "Uhh." "You're a biological weapon, mate," says Sarah...we are not helping you. He looks to Susan, who isn't helping to defend him. I'm sure that won't cause a problem later. Susan insists on being there when samples are taken, and wants Cosima's research transferred to her hard drive. "You're not the first LEDA to make it this far, you know," says Ira in frustration. He's talking about Beth.

Speaking of which, let's get back to that intense flashback (which may now be Susan describing events). Susan wants to know how she found her and Beth calls her the head of the snake. And then..."We had no idea about your father," Susan reveals to Beth and the audience. "We screen for tendencies like that, somehow he got through. I'm sorry." Jesus. Just when you thought Beth was living with enough s***. Susan tries sharing memories, but Beth is ready to pull the trigger. "No one controls the idea of Neolution, kill me and no one will protect you like I have from my own mistakes," Susan pleads. "Whatever you think you know, believe this: I have devoted my life to sustaining yours. I love you all." Do not make me have sympathy for you, Susan Duncan!  Beth tells her to close her eyes, but leaves without firing a shot. Huh. Art and Sarah discuss the implications on the phone and can't make sense of it. Why all the blood on her hands if she didn't shoot anyone? He also let's Sarah know "Krystal thinks Vidal Sassoon is after her" and she agrees to send Felix to him since they've met before.

Mrs. S, as you can imagine, is not happy with Sarah, "You bartered my mother behind my back." She thinks what they're doing is the wrong play and that it will put them all at risk. Felix informs S Adele went home and she suggests bringing her back when this is all done, for Kendall. Scott and Cosima have a chat about handing over their work, there's a lot of life on that hard drive. "We would have cracked it if we had the time," Scott insists. Meanwhile, Susan is trying to convince Ira that LEDA is important, but he thinks he's expendable. "I will find a way," she tells him. Scott head's to Felix's for the meet, Susan and tough-guy Frank are the ones coming for the samples. At the same time, Sarah and Cosima are at Brightborn to finally get the maggot-bot out and Cosima jokes that she'll take Sarah for ice cream afterward if she's good. Once she sees Roxie she's all Nope! "I can still taste your partner's fingers in my mouth," Cosima will assist. S is extra wary of Susan, especially when she tries talking to Kendall about her unique biology. She calls her "the most valuable person in the world."

Ira stares out a window, looking evil.

Cosima, aka "I couldn't turn this brain off if I tried," is curious about the maggot-bot, which Evie says has biofeedback, sort of like instincts; it reacts to heat and pressure. First, Evie puts it to sleep, but when she tries to pull it out it starts leaking toxin! And oh, she can't extract it now without puncturing it. Quickly Cosima uses a patch to stop the leak and they are able to remove it fully. Evie blames Sarah for the issue saying she must have damaged it.


At Felix's, Susan tries to tell them she's sorry. Kendall replies fantastically by saying she would spit, "but she'd probably bottle it." Sarah calls to confirm they've got the maggot-bot out, but Cosima won't be leaving Brightborn until Susan has the samples. They are ready to put Kendall in hiding again, but she says to S, "It's not over." And sure enough, as Kendall and her guard head outside, we find out they are being watched. This person comes up on them quickly and takes out the guard. Sarah gets there after they are long gone and sees blood on the ground along with Kendall's cigarettes. She rushes upstairs, finds the samples are done, and promptly pours bleach all over them. They all immediately rush to blame Susan, but she insists this wasn't her doing.  They take her to their grocery hideout, blindfolded, and after a few minutes Sarah realizes this is probably the work of Ira. Susan tells them "he wouldn't betray me," but gives them a key card to get into their room. Benjamin goes with Sarah to check. They carefully step inside and find classical music playing loudly and Ira in the tub. At first, Sarah assumes he's glitching, but no, he's overdosing. He's alone.

Krystal is now at Art's apartment recounting her "Ronnie" story when Felix shows up looking like Sherlock. I thought perhaps, just perhaps they'd actually let her into Clone Club, but then they introduce him as Inspector Darkins (or something) from Scotland Yard. She, of course, recognizes him, and I'm shouting for him to cover his crotch, but instead, she maces him! She immediately apologizes, saying it was just a reflex, and offers him some Visine. "Nothing more from your purse," he insists. He tries to assure her that everything she's found out is true but that she can't say anything or get more involved (She didn't know the name Neolution). He tells her to live her life normally and gives her a phone to call them with emergencies only. Once again, she mentions the "French doctor" and tells Felix and Art she saw her get shot. All of this dancing around Delphine's fate is figuratively killing me. I don't want to have hope, but ugh.


Back at Brightborn, Evie is showing off the maggot-bot to Cosima, who says, "Nature is just a set of spare parts to you, isn't it?" Evie replies, "I think of it more as a palette." Gross. You are no artist. Cosima asks her point blank what happened to Delphine. The former head of Dyad? Oh I knew of her and her dedication to you, Evie replies without anything more. Cosima hands over the hard drive to her but steals the maggot-bot at the same time. She gets what's probably her warning call, but Roxie stops her from answering the phone. Mrs. S chokes Susan, hoping to get a better answer out of her about where her mother might be, while Scott calls to let them know a Trojan is wiping out all of their research. It had to be the hard drive from Brightborn. "We're done," he says, "Everything is gone." Susan mentions something...Pepedic technologies? They want LEDA destroyed, she says, and mentions "The Engineer."

So, where's Kendall?? She's in the back of van tied up next to the dead guard and freaking Duko opens the door. Oh, this is something else entirely, isn't it? He plays nice, gives her a cigarette, and asks if she needs an extra blanket to keep warm. Kendall tries to get a sense of what's going on,  "Someone has their hooks in you. What's your story?" He says he's just in over his head, like everyone else. Hrm. Well, who shows up next? None other than Evie Cho. And she's brought Cosima. I don't like this. They also brought a substance that burns hot. There will be nothing left. Oh, I don't like this. I really don't like this.

Susan tells Sarah about when Beth held a gun to her head, but Evie put it in her hand. Flashback to Evie talking to Duko saying Beth didn't go through with it. Beth jumps in her car and points the gun at her, this time, "You just want to take her place!" Evie replies, "Susan is done just like your sisters. If you run, Neolution will kill everyone." But Beth has no fear at this point, "Do you think I'm scared to die, do you think I'm scared of anything right now?"


Back to the present probably-everyone-is-going-to-die spot. Evie looks at Cosima and says, "I never understood what Susan saw in that face...clones are obsolete. You're betamax." Way harsh. She then goes on to try and compare herself to DaVinci, and I'm sure Cosima would like to vomit all over her, plus punch her in the face, but instead, they tell her to say goodbye to Kendall. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. "No tears, Cosima," says Kendall, "These s***es aren't worth the salt." OK, crying is happening. She then tells her to let S know she's always done right and she's proud to have been a part of them all. Then, she tells Cosima to turn around. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Not happening. Except it is. Kendall is shot in head by Duko and quickly set on fire. Please don't kill Cosima. Please don't kill Cosima. Please. Evie walks up to Cosima, now crying on her knees and says without emotion, "Delphine was shot dead at the Dyad parkade. Tell Susan the original's dead. Tell Sarah it's over or Beth died for nothing."

Sob break. Back in 5.

Evie gets back into her car in present day but we quickly flash back to her in the car with Beth punching the crap out of her face with gun in hand. Well, at least someone got to do it. Duko opens the door and stops her from doing more harm. "Don't make me kill a cop," he says, Beth says the same back to him and asks "Will my sisters die for what I know?" He says, "They've done it before." There's a lot of quick flashes of what we've seen in the last few weeks as Cosima starts calling for help. Sarah gets the call and S starts crying. We see Beth walking to the train.

This might be the lowest we've ever been, Clone Club. I don't know if this will help or just hurt more but I felt like I should leave it here.

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