Oscar Isaac on the 'joy' J.J. Abrams brings to the Star Wars franchise

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Apr 23, 2015

Between his roles in Ex Machina and the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, Oscar Isaac looks to be a big name in the next few years. But it stands to reason his Star Wars role as Poe Dameron might be the biggest feather in that cap. IGN recently chatted with the actor about what it was like being a new addition to the Star Wars franchise, and he seems extremely impressed with the energy Abrams is bringing to the project.

Despite a few missteps, Abrams became a geek icon by making extremely fun television shows and movies, and it sounds like that infectious joy is carrying over to the galaxy far, far away. Check out a few excerpts from Isaac below, touching on Abrams’ role and what it was like to work on set with the original trilogy stars:

"[Joy] is where J.J. [Abrams] operates from. You know the whole thing is infused with such enthusiasm. Such joy. And I think that I definitely do get to inhabit a lot of that feeling. And I know it sounds weird, but the ecstasy of war, which is something that I read about. I read this book called, 'What it's Like to Go to War', which is literal. And this guy talked about that a lot - particularly with pilots. You know that feeling takes you to this weird, sacred space. It's this kind of high that happens. But yeah, I think that J.J. just infuses his enthusiasm and his passion for this story in every frame…

You need to give over to the relationship. I mean there is that moment when I first would walk on the set and just see what was there and see them in costume. Or visit set and see them. And those would be sort of pinch yourself moments. Like, 'Wow, how did I even end up here?' So that would be pretty surreal, but then it's like you almost need that extra bit of energy to compartmentalize and approach it like any other job. Even though in the back of your head you know this is not any other job. In order to function properly and do your job properly you kind of have to diminish the thing."

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens Dec. 18. What do you think about Isaac’s comments?

(Via IGN)

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