Oscar Isaac talks recruiting the Four Horsemen (and more) in X-Men: Apocalypse

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Apr 24, 2015

Oscar Isaac recently sat down with IGN and chatted about director Bryan Singer’s upcoming X-Men flick, Apocalypse. The Ex Machina star didn’t say anything too spoilery (sadly for us) ... but he did reveal a few interesting and exciting tidbits concerning the Four Horsemen, and his big bad character’s powers. Now, since Ben Hardy has been confirmed in the role of Angel in the movie -- and a not very nice Angel at that, according to Singer -- Isaac, who is a fan of the Archangel storyline, opened up a bit about the recruiting of the Horsemen:

"Without giving anything away, the recruitment of the Four Horsemen is very cool. It's very interesting the way that he does that. You know the idea of - the way that cult leaders do - they find people that are in need of something and try to fulfill that thing in them - as it relates to every one of the Horsemen."

In the Marvel comics, Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur) is an incredibly powerful and immortal mutant who can manipulate molecules and take many forms, among other things. And since the character will be brought to life by using a combination of CGI and practical effects, there are infinite ways for him to display his many, many powers. When he was asked if he was excited at the prospect of showing off different, multiple versions of the X-Men supervillain, Isaac said:

"Absolutely. And at the same time figuring out what the limits are and how it relates to how he moves and what it costs him. That's always a fun thing. So to be able to sit with [writer/producer] Simon Kinberg and - as a fan - just go through it and be like, 'Well what about this!?! You know, this is something that he does in the comics and is there a way to incorporate this? Or if he has this power suddenly how do we make that not come out of nowhere?' So it's really fun to map that thing out. But yes, the nature of how his powers manifest themselves is to a certain extent quite open to interpretation. Because there are so many and they are so vast."

Isaac revealed that he drew inspiration on the biblical Apocalypse and the Revelation in order to play the all-powerful Big Bad. "We associate so strongly with destruction, but it actually means to lift back the curtains," Isaac said. But what will his character reveal?

"On an individual level he's able to reveal the true power of his Horsemen, reveal their true power, and reveal what's true to them and to harness that. And I think to reveal the weakness - how weak we've become. Because this is an ancient entity. So to come to - I think 1983 - and say, 'How did the world become so weak? How did we allow ourselves to be ruled by the waek and to enslave ourselves.' I think that's where he's coming from."

Check out IGN’s video interview with Oscar Isaac, and let us know what you think! Are you excited for X-Men: Apocalypse?

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