Oscar-nominated Arrival screenwriter unleashes his Secret Weapons at Valiant

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:15 AM EDT (Updated)

Screenwriter Eric Heisserer captured the attention of moviegoers everywhere last year with his terrifying script for the horror movie Lights Out and his Oscar-nominated screenplay for science fiction hit Arrival. And this June he's set to make a splash in the comic book world as well.


Secret Weapons is a brand-new series from Valiant Entertainment starring Unity and Harbingers' Livewire — a powerful psiot with the ability to control electricity — as she leads a team of psiots who were rejected as useless by her former mentor Toyo Harada.

While this may seem like an odd comic to cut his teeth on, this actually isn't Heisserer's first time writing Valiant characters ... or Livewire, for that matter. The screenwriter has recently been hard at work on the scripts for the first two movies in Valiant's upcoming cinematic universe, Bloodshot and Harbinger, the latter of which features Livewire, who seems to have really captured the screenwriter's imagination. As he told Vulture in an announcement interview:

"I kept thinking about her. I started to have dreams about interesting scenes and interesting explorations of her powers long after my official writing steps were done on the script … I approached Dinesh and [Valiant editor-in-chief] Warren Simons and said, 'Guys, I've got a lot of stories here for her' … I see her path pretty well. I'd love to take a swing at this, writing a book that has her as the anchor.'"

Livewire won’t be alone, though. Her recruits include Owen, Sunil, Nikki and Martin — the latter two being able to talk to birds and make things glow, respectively. Owen and Sunil's powers are as of yet unrevealed, but you can get a good look at the whole crew (and their mysterious adversary Rex-O) in the character designs below by series artist Raúl Allen.

Allen and colorist Patricia Martin will be taking on art duties for Secret Weaponsand are no strangers to Valiant themselves. The pair have worked together on the phenomenal Wrath of the Eternal Warrior, which is one of the best-looking books in Valiant's already impressive catalog ... and was on our must-read list for last April.

The first of the four-issue Secret Weapons series will debut in June, but to hold you over until then, check out an unlettered preview below and let us know what your secret weapon is in the comments!