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Oscar-winning producer Arnold Kopelson dies at 83

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Oct 9, 2018, 5:54 PM EDT (Updated)

Oscar-winning film producer Arnold Kopelson died at his home in Beverly Hills today at the age of 83, per a report from Variety. His wife and business partner, Anne Kopelson, issued a statement on his passing earlier today.

Some of Kopelson's notable genre work included character-driven pieces like The Devil's Advocate, Warlock, and Se7en, as well as the grounded science-heavy epidemic thriller Outbreak. Back in the late '70s, he got his start by producing the horror film The Legacy, and continued through the early '80s with grindhouse fare like Night of the Juggler and Dirty Tricks.

By 1986, he produced Oliver Stone's Vietnam classic Platoon, which won Kopelson an Academy Award. He'd get a second nomination in 1994 for the big-screen adaptation of The Fugitive starring Harrison Ford, though it lost out to Schindler's List. He also produced the sequel, U.S. Marshall's, as well as the TV revival in 2000.

Kopelson's diverse resume also includes the teen sex comedy Porky's, Nicolas Cage's helicopter flick Fire Birds, the Michael Douglas thriller Falling Down, and the Schwarzenegger shoot-em-up Eraser.

Born in Brooklyn on Valentine's Day in 1935, Kopelson graduated from New York University before earning a law degree at New York Law School. After acting as special counsel in entertainment lending transactions, he started producing after partnering with his future wife, Anne Feinberg, to form Film Packages Inc., which later became Kopelson Entertainment.

After retiring, Kopelson lived in Los Angeles. He's survived by his wife Anne and three children, Peter, Evan, and Stephanie.