Our hottest stories and your best comments this week

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Here's a list of our hottest stories and best comments this week, in case you missed anything. (And while not all of you found the bodypainted Star Trek fans hot, you certainly couldn't stop talking about them.) Think of this week-ending roundup as a DVR for SCI FI Wire.


Our story: New preview of Matt Smith as Who's 11th Doctor

Your best comment: Well I guess it was either this guy or Zac Efron.—Joesketeer

Our story: Star Trek's nude (well, bodypainted) voyages (NSFW)

Your best comment: My eyes! My eyes! Doesn't that photo violate some kind of prime directive?—Ken Morrison

Our story: Lost's 'Last Supper': Battlestar, Sopranos were 1st

Your best comment: I just thought of something else. Could this be yet another variation of the number 815? This picture has "8" original cast members flanking "1" central figure (Locke), plus "5" other characters that were added later.—ecgordon

Our story: Goodbye, Doctor Who: David Tennant's exit interview

Your best comment: I'm old enough to have seen every episode of Doctor Who (well, the earliest years I caught as repeats) and I can easily say that Mr. Tennant has been my favorite actor in the role. I will be very sad to see him go, but again, change is one of the central themes of this series. There have been very few, in fact only a couple, times that I've been disappointed in the actor replacing the departing Time Lord. That's not to say I've liked each regenerated Doctor more than the last, only to say that I appreciated each actor's take on the role in a different way.—Lefty

Our story: Our 12 favorite sci-fi and fantasy TV moments of the decade

Your best comment: Most of this is on point, but I gotta disagree about Xena. That series ender wasn't touching, sad or perfect at all - far from it in fact! That wasn't a send-off, that was a desecration! By the time it was over I found myself thinking that Rob Tapert and Lucy Lawless must have really grown to hate Xena as a character to do that to her. IMHO, that finale was the absolute WORST SERIES ENDER EVER!—Devan

Our story: The 12 sci-fi/fantasy movies you HAVE to see in 2010

Your best comment: Wolfman's release date keeps changing the film has been in the can for over a year in a half. Sam Winston, who did the make up, even went public six months ago asking what happened to the film.

I think epic failure since there have been 3 different release dates so far.— Imagica

Our story: The 100 Quotes Every Geek Should Know (abridged)

Your best comment: Man, MOST of the best quotes were from THESE postings!

"I'll be back" - Who could forget THAT?
"This town needs an enema!"
"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum." - I was actually LOOKING for this one...
"I'll buy that for a dollar!"
"Game over, man, game over!"
"Resistance is Futile"
"I ain't got time to bleed!"
"You'll Shoot your eye out!"
"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!"- the last 4 courtesy icexe, thx 4 compiling
"There can be only one!"
The entire Firefly lyrics courtesy Miraxian, thx agn
The full Jem'Hadar mantra courtesy Mouretsu, thx agn
There's so many... where do you stop?
As many as there were quoted from Tron, my favorite was missed. "Oh man, this isn't happening. It only thinks it's happening."—Sithboy

Our story: Will Obama bump the Lost premiere? Fans get mad

Your best comment: I have a perfect score on SOU speeches. Zero speeches for 10 presidents. I say we keep the island where it is and move Washington DC to someplace where nobody can find it.—adayl8&a$short

Our story: 2012 update: Earth 'to be wiped out' by supernova explosion

Your best comment: I recon that aliens are going to invade in 2012 and former FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully could have provented it but the alien plot became to confusing and boring that they decided to let it happen, so our hope now rests with a vulcan who will use the supernova to travel back in time and protect the earth from destruction whilst stopping an enraged alien in a mining vessel in the past, so that we continue living in a slightly alternate reality and would not realise the world ended in the first place, hence nothing would happen, Science fiction is real didn't you know.

What it's about as credible as anything the british tabloids would write lol....— Jez

Our story: Does the Google Nexus One rip off Blade Runner?

Your best comment: I have to admit when I heard the name the other week, first thing I did tweet to my friends that it was the coming of Blade Runner replicants. They got a case that we make the association, though I don't think it hurts their IP, if anything it just calls attention to it.... well at least in our circles. I don't think the average guy on the street will have any idea what a Nexus 6 is/was or remember the books or movie or video game (that I worked on yay!) ) or even the graphic novel that just came out.

And that may be the thing. Maybe they aren't making legal noise to "money grub" but rather to get the Blade Runner name in the news and draw some publicity.—Joseph4th

Our story: Scientist says dolphins should get human status

Your best comment: My life partner is a dolphin and like she always says, eeh,eeh,e,e,e,e,e,e!!!—robeuax

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