Our 3 guesses what Singer meant when he said he'd 'correct' X-Men

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Feb 15, 2013, 4:58 PM EST

After handing over the reins to Brett Ratner for The Last Stand, Bryan Singer is back in control of the X-Men franchise with Days of Future Past—and apparently he wants to fix a few things.

In a recent interview with HitFix, Singer hinted that he’ll “be able to correct a few things” now that he he’s taken back control over the mutant gang. After the critical mess that was Last Stand, he has more than a few options.

Though it was a box-office hit, most fans were less than satisfied with Ratner’s entry into the franchise. The studio knew they had a hit on their hands and rushed it through production. And it showed. The script was a little spotty, the effects were hit-and-miss, and the story seemed a little too crowded.

So what might Singer “correct” now that he’s back in the saddle?

Bring Xavier back to life

Despite being one of the crummier entries in the franchise, Ratner’s Last Stand crammed in a ton of huge storylines. Among them? The Phoenix Force, which took over Jean Grey and led her to essentially vaporize Professor Xavier at her old house. You get that he’s going for emotional resonance, but it seems senseless to take out the heart and soul of the X-Men.

Yes, the post-credit scene showed Xavier communicating through a coma patient or something, but nobody wants a new actor in the role. It's Patrick Stewart or bust.

Restore Magneto's power

In addition to the Phoenix Force, the third film also featured a scientific “cure” for mutant powers, which quickly devolved into a weapon that is used in the final standoff. That storyline alone, with questions of individuality and conformity, could’ve easily anchored the film on its own. Late in the running, Magneto gets tagged with a cure-tipped bullet, effectively turning him into a regular old human.

Okay, so a closing scene teased that his powers might return with the shaking of a chess piece, but nobody wants to see a wimpy Magneto.

The character was a main player in First Class, and he will likely be a key piece of Days of Future Past. Here’s hoping Singer makes sure the modern-day version is as kickass as he should be. 

Ret-con Cyclops’ off-screen vaporization

This was easily one of the most frustratingly stupid parts of Last Stand. Cyclops had been the leader of the team for two films, but is snuffed out early in part three, off-screen, by the Phoenix. The scene is bad all the way around, and it isn’t even very clear that he’s dead (not as a mystery, but for bad writing and framing).

We don’t know if Cyclops will be a part of the sequel or not, but here’s hoping Singer finds a way to at least undo this ridiculously useless death scene.

What changes do you think Singer is wanting to make to the modern X-Men canon?