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Our favorite movies of 2018, whether they were good or not

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Dec 21, 2018, 3:45 PM EST

Just because you love a movie doesn't mean it's great, or sometimes even good. It's perfectly likely that your favorite movie from childhood is... not the best, right? But you still love it. The same is true of some of SYFY WIRE's favorite movies of 2018.

We wanted to give some love to the movies that didn't get the love they deserved at the time. We could give shout-outs to countless truly great movies — Black Panther, Incredibles 2, and Sorry to Bother You are just some that come to mind in a year of truly fantastic flicks. But given how much love some movies got in real-time, we're going to try and stick to some of the lesser-loved fares. Some of these are movies that divided families and ruined friendships, while others brought us together like never before.

Side note: We definitely cheated on a couple of these. Can you blame us?

Here are our favorite movies (good or not) of 2018.

A Quiet Place.jpg

A Quiet Place

Aside from making you afraid to chew your popcorn too loudly in the theater, A Quiet Place also managed to prove just how terrifying silence can be. Plenty of horror movies use noise (and the lack thereof) to emphasize their scariest moments, but A Quiet Place takes a sick kind of joy in using noise to its advantage. Forget monsters — nothing is more terrifying than knowing someone is about to step on a nail and will have to remain silent after doing so. Nothing. Sorry we couldn’t warn you, Emily Blunt. We really wanted to.

A Wrinkle in Time 2018

A Wrinkle in Time

Admittedly, A Wrinkle in Time was not the best reviewed or even the best movie of 2018. It had its flaws, for sure, but Ava DuVernay’s take on the Madeleine L'Engle children’s classic was overflowing with adoration for the original text. The cast is staggeringly charming and beautifully diverse. Best of all, there’s an innate understanding of what young people need to hear — you are stronger and braver than you know; you can and will shape the world; love of all kinds conquers all.

Annihilation cast


Great female cast, trippy visual effects, a very scary bear — there were lots of things that made Annihilation one of our favorite movies of the year. But, if we’re being totally honest, there is one sound effect that earned it a spot on the list alone: The freaky bwah-bwah-bu-waah from the trailer.

Ant-Man and the Wasp unmasked hero

Ant-Man and the Wasp

After Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, it was a nice change of pace to have a "small" Marvel movie, and Ant-Man and the Wasp was an extremely pleasing (and on-the-nose) bit of entertainment. Paul Rudd, who has the real-life superpower of not aging since his Clueless days, is a delight as always, and Evangeline Lilly finally gets a chance to shine. It’s an MCU movie that doesn’t feel at risk of suffocating under its own weight (though Ant-Man kinda does literally that when he gets too big).

Avengers: Infinity War, Star-Lord and Iron Man

Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War is the culmination of 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Battles were fought, tears were shed, and Star-Lord ruined everything. The Russo brothers may have killed some of your favorite characters (even with the promise of Spider-Man and Black Panther sequels on the way), but you have to admit the buildup to those moments was fantastic. Infinity War is a masterclass in both pacing and managing personalities; that Thor and Star-Lord were able to be in the same scene without it feeling overbearing is a feat in and of itself.

Above all else, it makes us excited for the next Avengers chapter in the MCU, April’s Avengers: Endgame. It can’t come fast enough.

Deadpool 2 cast

Deadpool 2

The Merc With a Mouth’s sophomore outing was a pretty dang good film, as far as meta, R-rated superhero comedies go. But, Deadpool 2 may be the greatest troll ever to grace the silver screen.

For months, fans were excited about the X-Force, only for Deadpool 2 to unceremoniously take a dump on our expectations and knowingly decapitate future franchise aspirations. Nobody ever stays dead in comics, so who’s to say if the subversive switcheroo will stick, but Deadpool 2 deserves a medal for dunking on us eager fans, both parties laughing all the while.

The Meg 2018

The Meg

Here's the cynical view The Meg is the future of entertainment, a big dumb movie starring Jason Statham taking on a pre-historic shark, financed by Chinese investors and carefully calibrated to appeal to every single demographic but no particular demographic at all.

Here's ourThe Meg is a big dumb movie starring Jason Statham taking on a pre-historic shark, which makes it automatically awesome. This movie had no high-minded ambitions; everyone involved, from director John Turtletaub on down, seemed to understand that they were working on something big and silly, and they responded accordingly. This movie was fun as hell.

The Rock, Rampage


Near the end of Rampage, the gigantic gorilla that is The Rock's best friend laughs as he makes a hand motion that one might interpret as suggesting anal sex. What else do you need to know about Rampage? Go see it now. You probably won't remember that much about the plot, but with a dinosaur rip off the heads of commandos, a gorilla destroying a military in mid-air, and the two going head-to-head, with The Rock playing action hero all the while, who needs a plot?

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Into the Spider-Verse shouldn’t just be a contender for the best Spider-Man movie; in a righteous world, Miles Morales' film debut would be a lock for the Best Animated Feature Oscar and a strong nominee for Best Picture, flat-out. Boasting astounding and beautiful animation the likes of which nobody has ever seen (or dreamed of, really) 'til now, Into the Spider-Verse is a hilarious and heartfelt look at heroism and finding one’s self that also pushes the limits of cinema.

Teen Titans Go to the Movies

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies

Not interested in Teen Titans Go! to the Movies because it’s "for kids"? To that, we’d just point out that in this extremely funny and meta flick, Robin and Co. commit a criminal hit and run, killing Michael Bolton.

Deadpool wishes.

Venom in the Grocery Store


We don't subscribe much to the "it's for the fans, not the critics" ethos of so many passionate internet dwellers, but we've got to say, the critics totally blew it on this one.

They lambasted Ruben Fleischer's film, giving it a Rotten Tomatoes score that would make one assume it was one of those knockoff, AI-created YouTube videos that are damaging kids' brains.

But once fans got to see the adventures of Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and his alien symbiote suit for themselves, they discovered that this finely tuned movie — part sci-fi, part action thriller, part slapstick, part romantic comedy — was a masterwork. The box office results say it all — $854 million worldwide.

Two. Tongues. Up.