Our favorite Sontaran gives hilarious answers to real kids' questions

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May 24, 2013

The best-looking potato-head in his clone batch just got even more adorable. 

One of the best characters to come out of the Moffat era of Doctor Who is the Sontaran nurse Strax. Sure, he's not always the best at gender comprehension (or the sharpest knife in the drawer at all), but what he lacks in brains he makes up for in moxie.

Recently, Strax sat down with some members of our own clone batch (human children, he believes they're called) and answered their questions. The whole affair was ridiculously cute, but don't tell him we said so.

And, in case you were still wondering about the Who season-finale episode, The Name of the Doctor, Strax has some insight on that as well.

That second video was slightly less adorable. But only slightly.

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