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Our first glimpse of Sarah Paulson's new American Horror Story: Apocalypse character

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Aug 23, 2018

As we creep closer to the September 12 premiere date for American Horror Story: Apocalypse, there has been a deluge of brief (30 seconds or less) teaser trailers for the show. Earlier today, a new teaser hit Twitter, but this one is different than most. This one features one of the actual characters from the season, which generally never happens in these teaser trailers.

Actress Sarah Paulson, who has appeared in every season of American Horror Story, will appear as three different characters this season. Two characters — Cordelia and Billie Dean — we have seen before. Her new character this season is named Venable. Since the character in the teaser clip is neither Cordelia nor Billie Dean, it seems fair to say that she is Venable.

We don't have any details on Venable, outside what is seen in this clip. "Now is your chance to be one of the few remaining. This is your chance to survive. We'll find you soon." It sounds more like a threat than a promise for salvation.

Cordelia comes from American Horror Story Season 3: Coven. The headmaster of a boarding school for young witches, she had to deal with adolescent angst, magic, and an overbearing mother, Fiona, who happens to be the Supreme witch. By the season's end, Fiona is dead and Cordelia becomes the Supreme.

Billie Dean comes from Season 1, Murder House. She is a medium who has been hired by Constance, played by Jessica Lange, to help her son, Tate, move on. Jessica Lange will also return to AHS: Apocalypse, making it her first appearance on the show since Season 4. Lange will appear in Episode 6, which will be Paulson's directorial debut.

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