Our Killjoys get "Schooled" in more ways than one

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Jul 31, 2016, 9:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Spoiler Alert: Either you’ve already seen the most recent episode ofKilljoys, or you’re here to find out what happened. If neither of those things is true, go watch the episode and come back. I can wait.

Even when he's not physically there, Khylen can make life difficult for our Killjoys and, in this case, boy howdy does he ever. Toss in Delle Seyah Kendry, some kids, and a seriously pissed off computer system and things are going to get a little nuts.

After discovering where the info burst from Red 17 went, the team talks Turin into giving them a warrant so they have a reason to head out that way and investigate. That warrant seems simple enough –– escort three kids to a fancy prodigy school for gifted kids from Westerley. 

Dutch: " people."

D'avin: "Children Dutch. They're called children."

I love that Dutch has no real dealings with kids. Given how she was raised, it makes total sense. D'avin and Johnny's more easy nature with the kids is a better look at how they were socialized. They may have had a crap dad, but they definitely want to be better with kids than he was. That relationship also plays into the dealings with both Jake and Olan. It influenced every interaction that involved either of the boys. From Jake's initial pick up on Westerley and D'avin's reaction to Jake's dad and his...attitude to Johnny's conversation with Olan at the end. D'avin and Johnny aren't great about dealing with their relationship directly, but it shows up everywhere in this episode.  

Without getting heavy into the message, this episode deals with a lot of different issues: class, education, family, the nature of technology as help or harm. It moves the overall Red 17/Khylen/Monk overarching theme forward and it goes into the machinations of The Nine. People who are willing to create a program using kids as a seed bank for their cultural future are also running the company that runs all of the Quad. How far will they go? You have to wonder.

I'm also intrigued by this little triangle between Delle Seyah, Dutch, and Khylen. Clearly, they're connected, but Seyah's comment "I guess Daddy likes me best." and the fact that she also calls Dutch "Yala" make me think there's more to this. Delle Seyah has hinted at Dutch's past before. She knows Dutch is something more than she appears and she's tied in with Khylen. How and what she knows remains to be seen, but I'd definitely keep an eye on that.

It's also pretty clear that the Pawter/John Jacobis dynamic is shifting. The little conversation between Dutch and Johnny regarding Pawter coming on board Lucy seems pretty straightforward, but having seen the episode after this, I can tell you that it involves some pretty subtle foreshadowing. I also thought it was interesting that once Pawter's part of the ship's population, she spends a lot of the episode with D'avin. 


Things I loved:

Dutch and D'avin's wrestling match. Not only was it a good way to have that conversation, but it shows off good looking people with fancy fighting skills. I'll take it.

The "hate flirting" between Dutch and Delle Seyah. It's so much fun to watch. Sexy and smart? Yes, please, and thank you.

Davin and Johnny's  interactions with Jake (Jack Fulton),  and Olan (Ricardo Hoyas), Xosia (Peyton Kennedy), and Kerrigan (Athena Park). I'd personally like to thank whoever made the decision to allow the kids to swear. I'm sure there will be a couple of people who find that distasteful, but having been a kid and having had this whole string of swear words in my vocabulary  at seven years old, I can tell you that kids do swear. 

Both Jake Fulton and Ricardo Hoyas turned in some stellar performances. 

Pawter's face when Dutch shoots Delle Seyah. Priceless.


Additional Pawter: "You damn Jacobis and your damsel sh*t.". Seriously. How can you now love this character? The conversation between her and D'avin about Johnny was also pitch perfect. 

Johnny's entire conversation with Olan. From start to finish. Especially when he let Olan in on his own brother issues. The writing n the whole thing was dead on and Aaron Ashmore proves, once again, that he's one hell of an actor. 

Delle Seyah's lip lock with Dutch for the "biometric scan". Yeah, that was totally why it happened.

Johnny's "Must be Friday". Someone's a Buffy fan. 


What didn't work:

To be honest, I don't think much didn't work. I could have done without the addition of Chambers, but if that was the entry they needed to get the tech in place for Jake's projection later, I can deal with that.


Here's what's interesting about this episode. When I watched it, I was just watching and, once it was over, I thought it was good but nothing really special –– and I was wondering how I was going to write it up because nothing really stood out. Then, when I went back to write this post, I watched again and discovered so many things I liked. I started thinking about it on a different level when I looked at it critically and it made me realize how interesting it was. There's actually a lot going on in this episode, but it's done in a way that gets in under the radar, so it was definitely more interesting on the second viewing. 

That's the thing about this show. It's sneaky. It makes you look at things in multiple ways and drops some really interesting questions in the middle of all the fights, shooting, and snappy dialogue. Sometimes it does it in a totally upfront way, but sometimes it's more subtle. Dare I say subversive. It gets in there and percolates. 

I like that.

I know I missed some things, so feel free to share your thoughts or theories. I really like reading them.

See you next week!



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