Our Top 10 Todd McFarlane Infinity Inc. Covers

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Jun 16, 2017, 9:34 PM EDT (Updated)

March 16 marks the birthday of comic book legend Todd McFarlane. The creator of Spawn and founder of McFarlane Toys skyrocketed to comics stardom with his run on Amazing Spider-Man. But before that, he had a two year run on a oft forgotten (well, by most people except me) book called Infinity, Inc. The title followed the sons, daughters and proteges of the Justice Society of America as they formed their own superhero-for-hire team in Los Angeles. Most of the team members are dead or turned evil, but it was a jolly good book while it lasted.

Anyway, in celebration of Todd McFarlane's birthday, here's a Top 10 list you never knew you wanted (and maybe you still don't) - our 10 favorite Infinity, Inc covers by the master himself.


Infinity Inc #15 (June 1985)

This was McFarlane’s second issue. You can start to see his signature style really taking shape (look at Obsidian in particular)


Infinity Inc #17 (August 1985)

Let’s just talk a minute about how bonkers the super villain group Helix was. First, the lady on the far right is named TAO JONES which, shockingly, has not been adapted by a drag queen (with a Wall street aesthetic or otherwise). The demented Baby Jane Hudson child is called Baby Boom and makes things explode. Also that dog is named Kritter and wears a tie. When I was a kid I always thought his power was super accounting (he was super smart).


Infinity Inc #19 (Oct 1985)

This cover is a clever conceit. Also, I’m one of the only people in the universe that LIKED Justice League Detroit so big ups.


Infinity Inc #21 (Dec 1985)

I love Dr. Midnight and Hourman's costumes, which may put me in a minority but I don't care! 


Infinity Inc Annual #1 (1985)

Between the sideways angle and the full body shots of Jade and Obsidian, this cover is a delight to look at. 


Infinity Inc #25 (April 1986)

I consider this cover the first that marks McFarlane really moving into a style that he’s recognized for in later works like – vibrant, dynamic and akin to cartoon animation.


Infinity Inc #27 (June 1986)

This cover is just gorgeous. The plot involves Brainwave Jr erasing Fury’s memories of her mom, Wonder Woman, following the Crisis on Infinite Earths. It manages to be energetic, nostalgic and, if you are familiar with the characters, touching. Also, I'm personally a sucker for any "display energy coming out of someone's heads as an asymmetrical halo" look. 


Infinity Inc #33 (Dec 1986)

This feels very Spawn given that Obsidian’s cape is twice the size of his body and flows like its supported by shoulder pads. 


Infinity Inc #35 (February 1987)

This is classic McFarlane. The cartoon-like style, but florid details, are just awesome. The fact that Todd McFarlane once drew Icemaiden (the blue, bisexual Norweigan, not the white haired one that liked fingerless gloves and dated Guy Gardner) makes me incredibly happy. 


Infinity Inc #37 (April 1987)

Northwind, who I always thought was a boring character with a lame power, never looked this good. It’s as if you can hear the “whoosh” while he’s flying.  This is the last cover McFarlane did for Infinity, Inc.

Did we miss any covers you like? Are you shocked we even remembered Infinity Inc? Do you agree that Dr. Midnight's costume is amazing or am I clinically insane? Share your thoughts and more in the comments!