Our 15 favorite fan-made Lost tribute videos

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Still trying to make sense of last night's Lost finale? That's what countless fan-made videos have been trying to do for years. So as we look back on six years of tangled mysteries and convoluted flashbacks, flash-forwards and flash-sideways, we decided to do it using beer goggles made from fan tribute videos.

Here are 15 home-cooked clips nearly as unforgettable as Lost itself.


It's important for writers to make characters who are similar to the viewers. In the case of Lost, this means making your characters aggressively confused.

Cats Summarize Lost

The Internet's animal mascot tells all about this sci-fi TV phenomenon. Not surprisingly, Vincent the dog is omitted from the summary.

Lost Censored

A few prudently placed bleeps, and what was once a brutal, mercilessly violent show turns into a brutal, mercilessly violent show with lots of cussing.

Where is my mind

One of the finer of the dozens of Lost clip amalgamations set to music, this video mosaic reminds us that Lost used to throw weird mysteries at us as frequently as Jin finds himself in exploding watercraft.

DJ Mix with Lots of Cuts

This DJ does not get hired for a lot of gigs at airport bars.

Lost Fan-Made Original Song

Geronimo Jackson would be rolling in their graves ... if they weren't walking infected undead.

Smoke Monster Tribute

Perhaps the show's most enigmatic character, the Smoke Monster definitely distrusts mankind, but apparently not as much as he distrusts trees.

Inserting Smoke Monster Into Home Movies

Thanks to digital editing software, everyone can get chased by the Smoke Monster. How long before anti-tobacco campaigns catch on to this?

Vincent is the Mastermind Behind Everything

This mashup portrays Vincent as an evil mastermind lurking behind the scenes. He probably blew up the Flame station, too.

Fake Dharma Video

Fan speculation used to run rampant about which viral Dharma videos were real. It turns out they were all fake and it didn't matter, since Dharma really didn't have any answers.

Lost Fan Question Song

Featured on Jimmy Kimmel, this ditty simply lists the mysteries of Lost to the melody of "Downtown." Like Lost's mysteries, the song seems to rattle on indefinitely.


This hilarious video was a runner-up in the recent Lost fan promo video contest. Heartbreak and depression following the cancellation of a TV show is common—why hasn't science fiction invented a pill for this yet?

We Like Lost

This spoof of a Lonely Island hit has some amazing costumes and location shots. This illustrates how much Lost kitsch is available for the average fan to buy. No word on whether the original Dharma Initiative also marked up their food 1,000 percent. (Why not? Their customers are stuck on an island.)

Sketch Comedy

How do you get 1 million hits? Mediocre sketch comedy plus Maggie Grace in a skirt. Sketch comedy part optional (skirt part optional, too).

Chessboard Radiohead

This promo for a Spanish broadcast of Lost (which, yes, we know, wasn't made by amateurs—but was created independently of ABC and the Lost creative team) shows the players and landmarks as pieces on a chessboard. Apparently the Black Rock is the best piece, since it smashed the four-toed statue.

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