Our first official look at the new Wonder Woman IN COSTUME

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

Lots has been said about David E. Kelley's new take on DC's pre-eminent superheroine, and little of it has been good. But all of those opinions have been based on little more than casting sheets and illicitly obtained copies of the pilot script. But how we've got our first eyeful of Diana, Princess of Themyscera. And ...

This could be much worse. Sure, the costume is a little too shiny, the colors are a bit too bright and poor Adrienne Palicki is gonna sweat to death in all that latex.

But there are no stars on her underpants, and I'm glad they retained some of the bustier-feel of the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman while making the outfit something that a lady could, conceivably, kick some ass in.

(via EW and The Source)