Syfy launching new series Outer Space Astronauts

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Syfy will launch a band of animated misfits into space next month when Outer Space Astronauts premieres Tuesday, Dec. 8, at 9:30 p.m. (ET/PT) following the season finale of its hit reality series, Scare Tactics at 9 p.m. (ET/PT).

Outer Space Astronauts is a futuristic comedy series about eight vaguely courageous, highly distractible military personnel who journey to the far reaches of the galaxy seeking knowledge, adventure ... and whatever else they can come up with. The crew of the O.S.S. Oklahoma are led by a lackluster captain who would rather be planning the next "margarita Monday" than leading a mission against evil, much to the exasperation of his by-the-book second-in-command.

Series creator and executive producer Russell Barrett took a complete do-it-yourself/ hands-on approach to the creation of the show by developing, executing and editing the series right in his very home.

"The graphics may be basic and simple, but combining them with live-action elements has never been done in a series before," said Mark Stern, EVP Original Content Syfy & Co-Head Universal Cable Productions. "To say that it was a grassroots endeavor is an understatement. Russell literally produced this in his basement for more than a year, and that allowed him to create a unique series with a sharp, sly sense of humor."

According to Syfy, the cast of characters for the five-episode series includes:

Captain Bruce Ripley (Russell Barrett) is the worst captain in the fleet with the best reputation. He's uninterested, bored and sloppy, yet manages to always get the job done.

Commander Dick Amos (Adam Clinton) should be the leader of the ship, since he holds the most credentials than anyone, but even with his top performance record, Dick is always stuck behind the eight-ball.

Lieutenant Sunny Hunkle (Stephanie Clinton) With a name that equally matches her 'sunny' disposition, the sweetest girl in the galaxy gets along with everyone. She doesn't mind that her "secret relationship" with Dick should remain a secret; she's cool, calm and easy going.

Intern Jimmy Peck (Peter Burns) has been Captain Ripley's right-hand man since their college days. A bit simple-minded, or just eternally naïve, Jimmy has a way of coming through just when you thought he was completely useless.

Pilot Johnny Boothe (Benjamin Nurick) shouldn't be flying or driving anything, as he holds the most citations for reckless piloting out of anyone (a record he states proudly!). Boothe's disregard for safety and his addiction to speed, however, have saved many a day on board the O.S.S. Oklahoma.

Kyle 14 (voice: Jay Wendorff) is one of the first artificial humans to be given a post on an OSA ship. He's the most state-of-the-art android in existence and "waaaay better than the Kyle 13 model."

Chief Weapons Officer Andy Matheson (Laura Valdivia) has saved the life of every crewman on the ship more times than they can count. His enormous stature and history of big-time whuppin' sometimes intimidates his fellow crewmen, except for Brimley.

Weapons Officer Chad Brimley (Tony Bravo) likes to find others' weak spots and poke at them with a stick. He has excellent skills and is highly intelligent in weapons development and ammunition science, but his motivation for work isn't always top-notch.

Operations Officer Donna Kennedy (Dana Kirk) and technology don't mix. She tries in vain to hide her "fear of all things that plug in and beep" from the crew, but on a ship that functions solely on the latest technology, her technophobia gets the best of her.

Chief Mechanic Pinto (Steve Millunzi) is a human monkey wrench. If something is broken, Pinto can fix it—which is great, because things tend to break quite frequently!

Ka'ak (Jacey Margolis) is from another planet and skilled in all areas of space travel. Despite her supermodel looks, her mangled use of English is a good tip-off to her alien roots; not to mention her blood-red skin!

Outer Space Astronauts was created by Barrett and is executive-produced by Barrett, Scott Puckett and David O. Russell (Three Kings, I Heart Huckabees).