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Overwatch releases D.Va origin video, teases upcoming LEGO sets

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Aug 23, 2018, 2:27 PM EDT

One of Overwatch’s breakout characters — and certainly one of its most widely cosplayed — is the mech-flying gamer/celebrity D.Va. She’s a goofball with serious piloting chops, an adorable set of looks, and one of the strongest tank skillsets in Blizzard’s team shooter. So when the company released a short film detailing her origin as a hero, of course her fans were as rabid as those in the Overwatch universe.

The teenage eSports champion is a more practical mechanic (who loves Doritos) than a superstar, one who may actually be suffering from some mild PTSD. And it’s all delivered in a super slick animation that looks more like a blockbuster than a video game featurette.

It’s the tale of D.Va learning to use her ultimate — and learning that she can’t save the world all on her own. It’s a sweet story that implements game elements into the cinematic, well enough to excite lapsed players and seduce new ones.

This comes hot on the heels of another tantalizing Overwatch-themed announcement, which is the upcoming LEGO collaboration featuring the video game. Take a look:

We spy McCree and Soldier 76 — and is that Reinhardt and Mercy? There’re a lot of DPS on this LEGO team composition, Overwatch. But regardless, who could care when faced with the excitement of Overwatch minifigs?