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Overwatch's latest hero is a hamster in a robotic hamster ball

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Aug 9, 2018, 4:00 PM EDT

Overwatch recently welcomed its 28th hero, and he's one of the cutest additions you'll ever see. His name is Hammond, but you can call him Wrecking Ball. The 14-year-old fighter comes straight to us from the Horizon Lunar Colony, an important part of the Overwatch lore. He was held in the same facility as other animals, namely Overwatch mainstay Winston. Why, you may ask? Hammond is a hamster. 

That's the most important detail here, after all. The newest part of the core set of Overwatch heroes is a tiny, furry little guy who fights while encased in his own safe little mechanical hamster ball — sorry, a mech. 

It's actually a reworked escape pod, though, let's be clear. The sassy little rodent is a survivor of the Colony, which tested various types of gene therapy on unsuspecting animals. Hammond knew he had to get the heck out of there, and as he grew smarter and smarter with each day, he started exploring the habitat around him on the moon base to pick up mechanical skills. 

After working up enough experience to change the escape pod that he fled to Earth on after Winston himself escaped the colony, Hammond soon found himself on the planet with the rest of us. He started earning winnings as a mech fighter under the name Wrecking Ball and continued to upgrade his rig until it eventually began to resemble what we know now as his awesome-looking exterior mech. If you haven't seen it, you've gotta give it a look. Much like fan-favorite D.Va, Hammond fights from the safety of his mech cockpit, because he's just a little guy, after all. 

But he's a little guy who can mess you up, that's for sure. His outer shell is the most important part of developing a strategy, 

He's utterly defenseless outside of his shell (he isn't like D.Va in that regard, at least she's got her pistols!) so you've got to be very careful when maneuvering around the map with this little dude. But while in his shell, he's got a ton of tank-centric abilities you can utilize. You can use his assault weapons, powerful grappling claw to get from point A to point B in no time flat, and even his shield to gain health back and defend him from enemies. 

His devastating Minefield Ultimate, however, is what'll really deal some damage. It can drop a rain of proximity mines down on the map, and that basically means it's lights out for anyone nearby. This combination of offensive and defensive abilities make Wrecking Ball a joy to play as, even if you're a relative newcomer to Overwatch

Wrecking Ball is one of the most creative characters to hit Overwatch, following the latest reveal of Brigitte, Torbjorn's daughter. He was finally shown off to the public after a rollicking few days of teasers that had eager fans scrambling to guess what the new character might be like. Now that he's out in the open, he's amassed many, many fans.

But as you're probably already well aware, Hammond's arrival hasn't stopped fans from asking when Hero 29 is going to be announced. Patience, young Padawans, as Blizzard will eventually release the next face when they're good and ready. Right now, all you need to worry about is getting acclimated to Wrecking Ball's unique suite of abilities — give the little guy a shot! You may just discover you've found a new main. 

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