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Overwatch's latest hero is Brigitte, the mechanical engineer

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Mar 10, 2018, 7:50 PM EST (Updated)

Overwatch fans everywhere, rejoice! The identity of the game's 27th hero has finally been revealed, and it couldn't have been a more exciting announcement. You can now welcome Brigitte Lindholm, daughter of Torbjörn Lindholm, to Blizzard's massively popular multiplayer shooter. Yes, the daughter. We've got another female hero joining the team, which is fantastic news. 

Originally teased by way of a few sly tweets featuring some Torbjörn-related lore and a few blueprints featuring adorable kitty paws, Brigitte was finally brought to light by Blizzard and christened as the latest badass female character to join Overwatch, much to fans' delight. 

Brigitte (Bri-gee-tuh, not Bridget) is a support character who also happens to be a mechanical engineer. She grew up tinkering alongside her father, Torbjörn, in his workshop, which helped shape her career path and love for all things mechanized. Her expertise and enthusiasm shine brightly through in her role in the Overwatch lore, as demonstrated in her introductory video. 

Named by Reinhardt himself as part of a personal promise from Torbjörn, Brigitte is a strong and capable character who brings her own set of custom-built armor into battle that protects not only her but her teammates as well. Where Torbjörn is capable of some gnarly offensive attack mechanisms, Brigitte excels at defense systems, which will help keep you and your team in-game safe from harm. Her ultimate, Rally, actually gives Brigitte a burst of speed and gives armor to anyone in her vicinity -- think a Mercy in terms of defensive magic instead of resurrection. 

But she's not all about keeping people safe. She can deal out the damage too, with the Rocket Flail and Whip Shot stacks as well as Shield Bash. She's also rocking the passive healing ability Inspire, which will help heal allies nearby as she wrecks enemies with her flail. 

Brigitte Lindholm is now available to try out on the PC version of Overwatch via the Public Test Realm (PTR) right now, so if you're looking for a new support hero, you might just find a new main here. Just last year, the support hero Moira was added to the fold following a BlizzCon 2017 reveal, so we're seeing a nice little influx of support heroes who happen to be female -- and totally awesome ones at that.

There's no current definitive release date for Brigitte on consoles or PC, but she should be coming in the next few months, Blizzard willing. But now the hard questions arise -- do you main Moira or Brigitte? Zenyatta or Brigitte? Tough choices. 

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