Own the Cloverfield monster that destroyed New York

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

The best Godzilla movie I've ever seen was Cloverfield, putting Godzilla and its pretenders to shame. To me it was a near-perfect huge-monster-wreaks-havoc-on-the-city flick that actually felt like you were there and had something to be really, really scared about. And what it was that was so scary was so cleverly hidden from the audience that no two people would have drawn the marauding creature the same way.

But now the mystery is over.

Hasbro is releasing a large-format Cloverfield creature that's bound to take you by surprise, not only in its detail and articulation, but in its bizarreness of shape. This thing has joints where no living thing should, and a wire-articulated tail that surely could take out the Brooklyn Bridge without a thought.

With elbows where shoulders should be, and joints where you wouldn't expect—just about every knuckle bends as it should—this thing is quite large, but as it is hard to pose in any way that makes sense, I'd guess it's somewhere between 18 inches and 2 feet long or high, depending on how you pose it.

Molded and painted in nice detail, this critter comes with two heads, which pop off the neck joint easily, but not too easily, thankfully. One head shows the creature in a more passive mood, but the second one is savage! It has this large, gaping mouth, with multiple rows of teeth, and bulging brain sacs that look like they're about to burst.

And what's even freakier, open a hatch in its default head and you get 10 parasites, tiny rice-grain-sized critters that you can drop off it onto the ground to terrorize your imaginary citizens.

To top it off, this thing is packed in a huge box that is very nicely made, putting this item in the top echelon of collectibles, competing with Sideshow Toy for style points, a first for Hasbro. And as a final, cool touch, you also get a scale head of Lady Liberty.

Hard to top!